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A CMOS Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier with Hybrid Bias Modulator
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Abstract:This paper presents an envelope tracking power amplifier (ET PA) using a hybrid bias modulator for mobile terminal applications. The hybrid bias modulator consists of a linear amplifier and a switching amplifier. The CMOS PA has a two-stage single-ended

Research on the Steady State and Ripple Current Models of Current Mode Switching Power Amplifier for Magnetic Bearing
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ABSTRACT The current mode switching power amplifier is an essential component in magnetic bearing system which works in the nonlinear switching state. At present, the characteristics of the power amplifier can be revealed partially by establishing first order This paper presents a first order Takagi–Sugeno–Kang (TSK) type self–constructing, adaptive, online, transversal, fuzzy equaliser to mitigate nonlinear power amplifier distortion effects from received signal in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems

Design and Simulation of an X-BAND Balanced Power Amplifier Based On Small Signal S-parameters Analysis
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Abstract:In this paper, a GaAs pHEMT class A balanced power amplifier with a 3-dB bandwidth of 4.5 GHz at the center frequency of 9 GHz is presented. Our amplifier yields to an input/output-matching better than-15 dB over this frequency band. Also, the realization

High-Gain and Low-Power Power Amplifier for 24-GHz Automotive Radars
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Abstract This paper presents a high gain and low power 24-GHz power amplifier (PA) for the short range automotive radar. The proposed circuit is implemented using TSMC 0.13-µm RF CMOS (fT/fmax= 120/140 GHz) technology, and it is powered by a 1.5-V supply. To

Inverse Class-F Power Amplifier Using Slot Resonators as a Harmonic Filter
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(F-1) power amplifier at 1.7 GHz using GaN device is proposed and experimentally tested. The novelty in the design is the use of a three-layers rectangular slot resonators in microstrip line's ground plane as harmonic filter. In particular, a planar periodic structure composed

A CMOS envelope tracking power amplifier for LTE mobile applications
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Abstract:This paper presents an envelope tracking power amplifier using a standard CMOS process for the 3GPP long-term evolution transmitters. An efficiency of the CMOS power amplifier for the modulated signals can be improved using a highly efficient and

Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
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Page 1. Class-D Audio Power Amplifier Chun Wei Lin Page 2. 2015/2/11 MSIC DT Lab., Dept. of El. Power stage designs Low-pass (LC) filter designs OC/OV/OT protections Four switching power amplifier designs results Conclusions Page 3. 2015/2/11

Design and Implement the Bondwire Inductors for Switching Power Amplifier
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Background: Most of the switching power amplifiers (PAs) are employed on-chip spiral inductors for matching and loading purpose. However, on-chip spiral inductors have low quality factor (Q) owing to high substrate loss and high parasitics. In addition, spiral

Design of Isolation PWM Power Amplifier with Motor Direction Control Signal
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The design of single-stage PWM power amplifier with direction control signal is introduced. Proper grid drive circuit is designed to reduce vibration and enhance efficiency. Through the design of signal and power isolated circuit to enhance the capacity of anti-jamming and

Monolithic Master Oscillator Power Amplifier at 1.58 µm for lidar measurements
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Nowadays the interest in high power semiconductor devices is growing for applications such as telemetry, lidar system or free space communications. Indeed semiconductor devices can be an alternative to solid state lasers because they are more compact and less power

15 W Power Amplifier Modules Using Coaxial Waveguide Combining by Planar Probes
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Abstract:Power combining in coaxial waveguide by printed planar probes is investigated. Combiners are designed and implemented at 8-12 GHz and 15-18 GHz. Average introduced insertion loss is measured as 0.5 dB per branch. Power amplifier modules are designed

The Nonlinearities of Memoryless Power Amplifier and Model of Predistorter
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Abstract. By analyzing the input and output data of memoryless power amplifier (PA), we construct the polynomial model and study the nonlinearities characteristics of it. Based on that the mathematic model of predistorter is gained, Least-square (LS) and adaptive LMS

Decomposition of generalized piecewise-polynomial model of digital predistorter to suppresspower amplifier non-linearity
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Abstract. A decomposed generalized piecewise-polynomial model of a digital predistorter designed for linearization of power amplifier characteristics is suggested. The digital predistorter model is designed in such a way that its nonlinear distortions compensate non

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Abstract: Now days use of most of the electric components have been increased due to that power dissipation and the use of the power given to the electric electronic circuits are not fully utilized. So to avoid this problem the concept of Low Power system arises. As part of

Design and fabrication of a high power S band LDMOS amplifier for microwave powertransmission and wireless communication
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Abstract:In this paper, we introduce an overview of wireless power transmission for Solar Power Satellite. Specially, We present the study, design and fabrication of a 355W multi stage S–band solid–state power amplifier to be used for Solar Power Satellite. The power

A 6 Gb/s Low Power Transimpedance Amplifier with Inductor Peaking and Gain Control for 4-channel Passive Optical Network in 0.13 µm CMOS
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Abstract:This paper presents a 6 Gb/s 4-channel arrayed transimpedance amplifiers (TIA) with the gain control for 4-channel passive optical network in 0.13 µm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. A regulated cascode input stage and inductive-

High power fiber amplifier with adjustable repetition rate for use in all-fiber supercontinuum light sources
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ABSTRACT In recent years the use of supercontinuum light sources has encouraged the development of various optical measurement techniques, like microscopy and optical coherence-tomography. Some disadvantages of common supercontinuum solutions, in

Measurements of a Planar Nine-Way Metamaterial Power-Combined Amplifier
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Abstract:In this paper, measurement results of a planar nine-way metamaterial power- combined amplifier are presented. The power-divider/combiner structure is a metamaterial lens composed of positive refractive index (PRI) material with right-handed unit cells and

Design Of Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier in 180nm Technology With Low Powerand High CMRR
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Abstract:--In this paper a CMOS two stage operational amplifier has been presented which operates at 2.5 V power supply at 0.18 micron (ie, 180 nm) technology and whose input is depended on Bias Current. The supply voltage has been scaled down to reduce overall

Design and Performance Analysis of Low Power RF Operational Amplifier using CMOS and BiCMOS Technology
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Abstract:This paper presents the design and performance comparison of a two stage operational amplifier topology using CMOS and BiCMOS technology. This conventional op amp circuit was designed by using RF model of BSIM3V3 in 0.6 µm CMOS technology

Low-Power CMOS Programmable Gain Amplifier with a DC-offset Cancellation for a Direct Conversion Receiver
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Abstract This paper presents low-power Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) with a DC- offset cancellation for a direct conversion receiver (DCR) to reduce chip area, cost and power. In the receiver stage, the direct conversion architecture has simplified scheme as

A Low Power Low Noise Chopper-Stabilized Tow-stage Operational Amplifier for Portable Bio-potential Acquisition Systems Using 90 nm Technology
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Abstract This paper presents a high performance chopper-Stabilized Two-stage operational amplifier for biomedical applications. This Two-stage is designed for low noise, low power, high PSRR and high CMRR. The Miller compensation technique (Cc) is used with a

Design Analysis and Performance Comparison of Low Power High Gain 2nd Stage Differential Amplifier Along with 1st Stage
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Abstract:The CMOS differential amplifier with active load and single-ended output is one of the most popular circuits used in analog and mixed signal applications owing to its amazing performances. In this paper an op-amp of 2nd stage is designed for certain

Design of a Low Power Latch Based SRAM Sense Amplifier
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Abstract There is a constant push to reduce power consumption and increase speed in transistor memory devices. The goal of this project is to improve Allegro MicroSystems current Static Random Access Memory technology by designing and implementing a new

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ABSTRACT A qualitative analysis of different parameters such as Phase noise, Slew rate and tranconductance by using power gating reduction technique is presented. The circuit achieves the large driving capability by employing simple comparators to sense the

A 1.2 V, CMOS Differential Low Noise Amplifier with Low Noise Low Power for Bluetooth Receiver.
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Abstract A differential Low-noise Amplifier (DLNA) using 0.13 µm CMOS technology is presented. The amplifier is optimized for Bluetooth Receiver applications operating in the 2.4-2.5 GHz band. The inductive degeneration topology used in the DLNA provides low

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ABSTRACT Low noise and low Power transimpedance amplifiers (TIA) are essential modules for optical sensor based systems. But low power and low noise TIAs are still a challenge for the scientists despite of rapid advances in complementary metal oxide

Evaluation of a new hybrid technique based on DTMOS and PFA to improve supply voltage and power consumption of a class-AB amplifier
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Abstract: In this paper, two useful techniques of Dynamic Threshold Voltage MOSFET (DTMOS) and Positive Feedback Amplifier (PFA) are investigated separately and are applied simultaneously on a Class-AB Amplifier in the 180 nm CMOS technology. In the In an electronics circuit, a set of components named as modules or blocks are connected through 'wires' called as interconnects. Floorplanning and placement are used to reduce the total area, size, power, temperature and cost of any circuit design. Various computational

A W-band Simultaneously Matched Power and Noise Low Noise Amplifier Using CMOS 0.13 µm
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Abstract A complete procedure for the design of W-band low noise amplifier in MMIC technology is presented. The design is based on a simultaneously power and noise matched technique. For implementing the method, scalable bilateral transistor model

Ultra low voltage low power bulk driven Z copy current controlled current differencing bufferedamplifier
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Low Power (LP) Z Copy-Current Controlled-Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier (ZC-CC- CDBA) with single voltage supply. The circuit is performed using bulk driven (BD) technique and it is capable to operate at ULV of 0.65 V and consumes low power in the micro range.

Intellect Amplifier, Current Clasped and Filled Current Approach Sense Amplifiers Techniques Based Low Power SRAM
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Abstract: Low power static random access memory (SRAM) is crucial since it takes a large fraction of total power in high performance processors. In modern SRAM, sense amplifiers are used to retrieve the stored memory data by amplifying the small signal variations in Bit

60 GHz wireless power transfer-System analysis and Doherty power amplifier design
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System analysis and Doherty power amplifier design 4-stage Doherty power amplifier Lennaert Bronts July 2014 Page 2. amplifier design 4-stage Doherty power amplifier by Lennaert Bronts The aim for this thesis is to specify and design a power amplifier that is able to charge

Design and Simulation of an X-BAND Balanced Power Amplier Based On Small Signal S-parameters Analysis
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Abstract:In this paper, a GaAs pHEMT class A balanced power amplier with a 3-dB bandwidth of 4.5 GHz at the center frequency of 9 GHz is presented. Our amplier yields to

a-400-to-500-mhz-cmos power-amplifier-with-multi-watt-output

a-5-8-ghz-1-v-linear power-amplifier-using-a-novel-on-chip-transformer power-combiner-in-standard-90-nm-cmos

a-50-to-70-ghz power-amplifier-using-90-nm-cmos-technology

a-60-ghz-sige-hbt power-amplifier-15-dbm-output power

a-digitally-modulated-polar-cmos power-amplifier-with-a-20-mhz-channel-bandwidth

a-fully-integrated-quad-band-gsmgprs-cmos power-amplifier

a-highly-efficient-and-linear-class-abf power-amplifier-for-multimode-operation

a-w-band-medium power-amplifier-in-90-nm-cmos

a-wideband power-amplifier-mmic-utilizing-gan-on-sic-hemt-technology

a-wideband-millimeter-wave power-amplifier-with-20-db-linear power-gain-and-8-dbm-maximum-saturated-output power


fpga-based-set-up-for-rf power-amplifier-dynamic-supply-with-real-time-digital-adaptive-predistortion




fully-integrated-cmos power-amplifier-with-efficiency-enhancement-at power-back-off

high-efficiency-hybrid-eer-transmitter-using-optimized power-amplifier

optimized-envelope-tracking-operation-of-doherty power-amplifier-for-high-efficiency-over-an-extended-dynamic-range