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Dynamic Antenna Mode Selection for Link Maintenances in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

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Cognitive radio design challenges and techniques
Collaborative Spectrum Sensing from Sparse Observations in Cognitive Radio Networks
review on spectrum sensing for cognitive radio: challenges and solutions
Multicast Communications in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks
anti jamming stochastic game for cognitive radio networks
Routing for cognitive radio networks consisting of opportunistic links
balancing technique for downlink beamforming in cognitive radio networks
Distributed Spectrum Sharing for Video Streaming in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Spectrum handoff strategies for multiple channels cognitive radio network
Maximizing Capacity in Multihop Cognitive Radio Networks under the SINR Model
The capacity region of Gaussian cognitive radio channels to within 1.81 bits
Random Access Protocols for Collaborative Spectrum Sensing in Multi-Band Cognitive RadioNetworks
Spectrum auction games for multimedia streaming over cognitive radio networks
Residual white space distribution-based opportunistic channel access for cognitive radio enabled devices
Demonstration of real-time spectrum sensing for cognitive radio
Auction-based spectrum management of cognitive radio networks
On the Throughput of MIMO-Empowered Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks
Cognitive Radio Sensor Node Empowered Mobile Phone for Explosive Trace Detection
On Centralized and Distributed Frequency Assignment in Cognitive Radio Based Frequency Hopping Cellular Networks
Soft sensing and optimal power control for cognitive radio
Scaling laws for overlaid wireless networks a cognitive radio network versus a primary network
Queue aware resource allocation for downlink OFDM cognitive radio networks
optimal multi-channel cooperative sensing in cognitive radio networks
Cross layer routing and dynamic spectrum allocation in cognitive radio ad hoc networks
Design of cognitive radio systems under temperature-interference constraints-variational inequality approach
Primary user activity modeling using first-difference filter clustering correlation in cognitive radio networks
Dynamic resource allocation in cognitive radio networks
Adaptive joint scheduling of spectrum sensing and data transmission in cognitive radio networks
On the relationship between the multi-antenna secrecy communications and cognitive radiocommunications
towards a real time cognitive radio network testbed architecture hardware platform and application to smart grid
scalable video multicast in cognitive radio networks
spectrum decision framework for cognitive radio networks
mimo cognitive radio-a game theoretical approach