UWB-ultra wide band recent 2014

Review of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using UWB for Wireless Communication Devices
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Abstract:As per Microstrip Patch antenna (MPA) provide low profile and low volume, so it is use in a now a days communication devices. In this paper study of past few year shows that targeted on planning compact sized microstrip antenna. A novel

Improved UWB Wireless Sensor Network Algorithm for Human Intruder Localization
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Abstract: In this study we present a WSN algorithm for localization which increases efficiency in time, energy and cost of localization radar systems. The algorithm is designed using a hybrid of two widely used localization techniques, Time of Arrival (ToA) and Received

of Small Square Monopole Antenna with Dual Band Notch Characteristics Using U-Shaped Slot and Butterfly Shape Parasitic Element on Backplane for UWB
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Abstract- In this study, a dual band notch microstrip antenna for UWB applications has been presented. The antenna consists of a stepped patch with U-shaped slot, two rectangular shaped slots in the ground plane and a butterfly shaped parasitic backplane

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Abstract: The proposed antenna designed specifically for Cognitive radio applications consists of a circular monopole which is evolved into the C shaped slotted monopole by a systematic process. The evolution of antenna is detailed. The evolved geometry enhances

Wideband, Multiband, Tunable, and Smart Antenna Systems for Mobile and UWB Wireless Applications 2014
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With the advent of high data rate 3G and 4G wireless communication systems and the app- based use paradigm, wireless connectivity through multiple air interfaces has become a common requirement in the RF architecture of mobile communication devices. Modern
The use of ultra wideband (UWB) radio technology in outdoor environments at longer ranges is gaining interest in a number of application areas. This effort presents the results of a UWB channel model study based on a data collection campaign in three outdoor

An Optimal Design of the Compact CRLH-TL UWB Filter Using a Modified Evolution Strategy Algorithm
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Abstract–This paper deals with an efficient optimization design method of a compact ultra wideband (UWB) filter which can improve the characteristics of the filter. The Evolution Strategy (ES) algorithm is adopted for the optimization and modified to suppress the ripple

Proof-of-concept Real Time Localization System based on the UWB and the WSN technologies
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Abstract:In this paper, we present an experimental localization system consisting of two fused solutions. The Ultra-wideband Localization Platform based on the time difference of arrival technique provides accurate positioning in a limited indoor area. The wireless

Design and Analysis of Band-Notched UWB Printed Monopole Antenna using Multiple Slots
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Abstract:In this paper a planar elliptical CPW fed monopole antenna with five band notched performance is designed using multiple fractal slots. The proposed antenna is etched on a TLY-5 (Taconic) PCB with an overall size of 41x45x0. 782 mm3. Five band

Integration of IR-UWB Signals into GPON FTTH networks
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Abstract:In the last years, FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) networks became an excellent solution to deliver broadband internet access and TV services. A furthermore integration of IRUWB (Impulse-radio ultra-wideband) signals into GPON (Gigabit-Passive-Optical-Network)

Indoor UWB Communication System Final Project Design Report
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Abstract Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless transmission standard that will revolutionize consumer electronics. UWB is interesting because of its inherent low power consumption, high data rates of up to 480 Mbps, and large spatial capacity. Further more, the power
Trilateration calculations are affected by errors in distance measurements from the set of fixed points to the object of interest. When these errors are systemic, each distinct set of fixed points can be said to exhibit a unique set noise. For ultra-wideband (UWB) indoor position

Radiation of Modulated Ultra wide band (UWB) Signals by Switched Resonant Patch Antenna
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Abstract:Design of planar antennas which provide large impedance bandwidth and also large radiation bandwidth is a challenge in UWB systems. Although ultra wide impedance bandwidth is readily achievable, radiation pattern rotation and phase centre

A 90 nm-CMOS IR-UWB BPSK Transmitter With Spectrum Tunability to Improve PeacefulUWB-Narrowband Coexistence
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Abstract:A new ultra wideband (UWB) pulse generator cov-ering a–10 dB bandwidth of 2.4– 4.6 GHz with a tunable center frequency of 5–5.6 GHz to mitigate coexistence issues of impulse radio UWB (IR-UWB) systems and IEEE802. 11. a WLAN or other narrowband (

UWB Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for BAN Applications
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ABSTRACT An Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) microstrip patch antenna for Body Area Network (BAN) applications is presented in this paper. This particular antenna design covers UWB ie 3.1 GHz-10.6 GHz. The substrate used is Rogers RT Duroid 5880 having a thickness of

A Comprehensive Method for Synthesis of UWB Arrays
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Abstract:A comprehensive synthesis method for ultra-wideband arrays, taking into consideration array total pattern, phase of the total radiated field, element field, element input impedance, and inter-element mutual coupling, is presented. Using the proposed

Design of impulse radio UWB transmitter with improved range performance using PPM signals
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Abstract:There are several practical challenges in designing an ultra wideband (UWB) device for communication. From the physical layer signaling perspective it is important to avoid the strong peaks in the transmitted signal to fully exploit the regulatory bodies power

Design of a Novel UWB Omnidirectional Antenna Using Particle Swarm Optimization
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A UWB E-plane omnidirectional microwave antenna is designed and fabricated for IEEE 802.11 a communication system and microwave magnetron source system as a radiation monitor. A cooptimization method based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm

UWB Antenna Design with Quadruple-Band Rejection Characteristics
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Abstract:In this paper, a compact ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with M-slot, three co- directional complementary split ring resonators (CSRRs) and ground staircase cut is proposed. The shape of the antenna achieves both the impedance matching of UWB and

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ABSTRACT A proposed design of ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antenna has been presented to cover frequency range 2.49–14.42 GHz with small size. An equivalent circuit model with the parameter values of the optimized UWB antenna has been modeled.

Study and Performance Analysis of UWB Antenna for UWB Ccommunication Systems
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Abstract:In this article, recent papers on UWB antennas are studied; different geometries, design parameters and their experimental results are discussed. Several types of UWB antennas in recent papers are described together while comparing their measured

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ABSTRACT Localization of nodes in an infrastructure less network serves many purposes. Several issues relating to security, routing, etc it can be solved if only the actual location of nodes were known. Existing approaches estimate the location of a node in a network by

Concept of Compatibility Region for the Evaluation of IR UWB Electromagnetic Compatibility
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Abstract:This paper presents a new proposal for the unified evaluation of ultra wideband and narrowband radio communication systems electromagnetic compatibility, called compatibility region. The idea of compatibility region is based on the relation between

Performance Comparation of TR and FDE in the MB-IR-UWB System Based on MIMO
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Abstract In order to improve the channel capacity of the multiband impulse radio ultra- wideband (MB-IR-UWB) system, the multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) technology is introduced to MB-IR-UWB system, and we get a new MB-IR-UWB system based on MIMO.

Fidelity concepts used in UWB systems
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Abstract:Since its introduction the fidelity concept has been used to evaluate the time behavior of UWB antennas. However, fidelity has been employed with different meanings. This paper clarifies the differences between fidelity factor, system fidelity factor, and fidelity

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ABSTRACT Passive localization is known to have very advantageous features: it does not require the localized object to have any wireless device attached and it performs very well in NLOS and multipath radio channels. In this technical document, we present results of a

Research Article Achieving Distributed Consensus in UWB Sensor Networks: A Low Sampling Rate Scheme with Quantized Measurements
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Distributed consensus in sensor networks has received great attention in the last few years. Most of the research activity has been devoted to study the sensor interactions that allow the convergence of distributed consensus algorithms toward a globally optimal decision. On

Data and Image Transmission on DS-PAM UWB System in Parallel Links AWGN Channel Using Multiple Description Coding (MDC)
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ABSTRACT: UWB communication system is a new high performance technique with low power consumption which it has a large application for very high data rates in wireless telecommunications. In this paper, we consider image transmission in UWB system with

Design of A Compact, Low-Profile, Elliptical Patch UWB Antenna and Performance Analysis in Vicinity of Human Layered Tissue Model for Wireless Body Area
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ABSTRACT: A compACT: A compact, low-profile, coplanar waveguide fed elliptical patch UWB antenna is proposed in this paper, and then imposed on human body environment for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) applications. A comparison of performance of the designed

Multiple Antennas Effect on UWB Rake Receiver Performance
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ABSTRACT This paper discusses the enhancement of the proposed UWB antenna design that can be used in wireless UWB systems. The small antenna design was simulated by CST software to present the performance of the main antenna parameters. The return loss is

Circuit Modeling of Ultra Wideband (UWB) Microstrip Patch Antenna Bending Effect
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Abstract: This study describes the bending effect on an Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip patch antenna on the antenna performance in terms of impedance bandwidth and radiation pattern. Comparison is done between the UWB planar antenna and the bent UWB

Wireless Notice Board using UWB with Monitoring System
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Abstract: Notice Board is a primary thing in any institution/organization or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations and parks. But sticking various notices day-to-day is a difficult process. This project deals with an advanced wireless notice board. This project is

Performance Analysis of DWT-OFDM Diversity for Standard SV-Model Based UWB System
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ABSTRACT Recent generation communication system has a serious challenge of accommodating more users within limited allocated bandwidth without affecting the system performance. OFDM is used to cater for increased data rate of wireless medium with good

Design of UWB Microstrip Filter Using Quarter Wavelength Short Circuited Stubs
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ABSTRACT: In this paper a high performance Ultra Wide Band microstrip bandpass filter is presented. The filter is designed using /4 short circuited stubs to improve the performance of UWB. The designed filter is based on 5th order chebyshev low pass prototype with. 1

Space-Time Diversity Schemes with Blind Channel Estimation for TH-PPM UWB MIMO Communications
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Abstract:For a time-hopping (TH) pulse position modulation (PPM) based ultra-wideband (UWB) multiantenna system, we propose four coherent space-time (ST) diversity schemes, corresponding to which the correlation template signals with blind channel estimation are

Blind Multiuser Detection for UWB Systems Based on Differential Evolution Algorithm with Constant Modulus Scheme
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Abstract:A novel blind iterative detection approach that the linearly constrained constant modulus algorithm (LCCMA) is a blind multiuser detector (MUD) solution to multiple access interference (MAI) suppression that is widely investigated in direct-sequence ultra-

UWB Active Integrated Antenna Design and Simulation
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Abstract:UWB technology is advancing rapidly because of its potential to have high data rates and very low radiation power. However, there are still problems in making this technology fully developed. Design of efficient ultra wide band antenna is one of the most

A Kalman Filtering Channel Estimation Method Based on State Transfer Coefficient Using Threshold Correction for UWB Systems.
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Abstract Aimed at the divergence problem in the traditional Kalman Filtering (KF) channel estimation algorithm due to the inaccurate state transfer coefficient (STC), this paper proposes a novel KF channel estimation method using the STC with threshold correction.

New Ultra-Wideband Phase Shifter Design with Performance Improvement Using a Tapered Line Transmission Line for a Butler Matrix UWB Application
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Abstract- A novel design of a compact Ultra-Wideband (UWB) phase shifter with a new stub shape is presented in this paper. The proposed structure is formed using three layers of conductors interleaved with layers of substrates between each of the conductor's layers.

Proposed Algorithm of Multiuser UWB system for Wireless Personal Area Network
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Abstract In this paper we have proposed the algorithm based on ultra wide band (UWB) system which is applied on multiuser detection for wireless personal area network. We have measured bit error rate with respect to signal to noise ratio for pulse amplitude modulation

Performance Comparisons of Equalizers for MC-CDMA UWB Communication Systems
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Abstract:Nowadays, wireless communication technology usually takes the advantage of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM). It becomes Multi-carrier code division multiple access (MC-CDMA) after utilizing spreading code in frequency domain. The chip-

UWB: Machine Learning Approach to Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
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Abstract This paper describes our system participating in the aspect-based sentiment analysis task of Semeval 2014.target entities and the sentiment expressed towards each aspect. We firstly introduce a system based on

UWB Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna design simulation its Analysis
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Abstract: In this paper an Ultra Wideband (UWB) microstrip antenna consisting of a circular monopole patch with stepped feed line, with a 10 dB return loss bandwidth from 3.1 to 10 GHz is proposed. This antenna was designed on FR4 substrate with overall size of 30 x

Design of an UWB Patch Antenna for Dual Frequency Operations
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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to present the development of an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) patch antenna for dual frequency operations. The size of the proposed antenna is 40× 40× 1.6 mm3 and is excited by micros trip line. The Finite Element Method (FEM)

A Versatile 1.4-mW 6-bits CMOS ADC for Pulse-Based UWB Communication Systems
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Abstract: An ADC (analog to digital converter) using the low duty-cycle nature of pulse- based UWB (ultra wide-band) communications to reduce its power consumption is proposed. Implemented in CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) 180 nm

System Level Design of Low Rate, Low Power 3.1-5GHz IEEE 802.15. 4a UWB Transceiver for Medical Monitoring Applications
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Abstract:targets in designing a radio for a Wireless medical devices for healthcare monitoring applications. The IEEE 802.15. 4a standard has proprieties that make it a viable solution for this type of applications and

A Reconfigurable Square Slot Antenna with Switchable Single Band, UWB and UWB with Band Notch Function Performances
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Abstract In this paper a novel method for designing a square slot antenna with switchable single band, multi-resonance (Ultra-Wideband (UWB)) and UWB with band-notch function performances has been presented. By inserting a pair of symmetrical notches on the feed-

Filter Bank Based Notch Filter for Interference Cancellation in UWB Systems
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Abstract The primary concern of any communication engineer is the bandwidth of the transmitted or received signal and the noise encountered during the transmission reception process. We analyze the effects of narrowband interference in Multicarrier UWB systems

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Abstract:Data rates and quality of service are limited by the fact that, for the duration of any given connection, they experience severe variation in signal strength. As reported any UWB system faces major challenges in achieving wide coverage without affecting the system

Parameter Optimization of UWB SRR System Performance in Weibull Clutter Environment.
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Abstract The objective of this paper is to optimize the parameters of non-coherent detectors such as coherent and non-coherent integration number for various non-coherent detectors such as square law detector, linear detector and logarithmic detector in weibull clutter

A novel design of CPW-Fed UWB antenna with dual band-notched features
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Abstract: A coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed ultra-wideband monopole antenna with dual band-notched characteristics was designed to reject and avoid interference with existing bands at (3.3-3.7) GHz and (5.1-5.9) GHz band for IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) and IEEE 802.11

Design and Analysis of a Low Power UWB Pulse Generators.
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Wideband (UWB) Pulse Generators (PGs).target low power applications operating in the frequency range 3.1-10.6 GHz. The designs use logic gates and buffered filters to generate a Gaussian 5th derivative pulse. The used technology is 0.13 µm from

A Super-Resolution Polarimetric Wavefront Extraction Algorithm for UWB-Radar under massive Interference Conditions
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Abstract:To provide short-range super-resolution UWB Radar under multi-scattering conditions, a superior wavefront extraction algorithm is proposed in this paper. Conventional correlation based pulse separation methods based on SAGE, CLEAN or the previously

Cooperative V2X Relative Navigation using Tight-Integration of DGPS and V2X UWB Range and Simulated Bearing
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Abstract Many intelligent transportation systems applications require precise relative vehicle position. Global Navigation Satellite Systems, particularly GPS currently provide this through either absolute or differential positioning. GPS performance is limited in environments with

Conducting Materials Effect on UWB Wearable Textile Antenna
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Abstract:The wearable electronic devices are such devices worn by a person as un- obstructively as clothing to provide intelligent assistance. A wearable antenna is meant to be a part of the clothing used for communication purposes such as tracking, navigation,

An Innovative Method for UWB Channel Estimation Using Time Hopped Modulation.
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Abstract:Channel knowledge is the important information required for good UWB communications. So many methods are available for UWB channel estimation. However, it is critical to find the multi-path clustered model of UWB transmission. In this paper, we

Channel Estimation Algorithms for MB-OFDM Based UWB System
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Enhancement of a Three Combining Techniques Rake Receiver Using Adaptive Filter of M-Max Partial Update RLS Algorithm for DS-UWB Systems
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Abstract Since ultra wideband (UWB) communication systems operate with short pulses and high data rates, the effect of noises and channel fading appeared upon receipt. The rake receiver scheme is used to collect the copies of the time-shifted original signal to make

Design and Analysis of a Transceiver on a Chip for Novel IR-UWB Pulses
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Abstract: The wired connectivity for the increasing number of devices that complement computer functions has become so large that wireless connectivity has become a necessity. The design and analysis of a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transceiver that

An Indoor-Outdoor Positioning System Based on the Combination of GPS and UWB Sensors
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Abstract: Today localization techniques are gaining popularity because of the high interest for many business cases as well as for emergency/security scenarios including real-time tracking, navigation, clock synchronization The need to obtain a precise position in a

UWB-MIMO Quadruple with FSS-Inspired Decoupling Structures and Defected Grounds
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Abstract- In this paper, a quad element Ultra Wideband Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (UWB-MIMO) antenna system is presented. The proposed design is compact as it has four semielliptical shaped antennas along with the decoupling structures, fabricated on a

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ABSTRACT Historical overview of evolution wideband antennas and some practical realizations of UWB antennas are presented. Practical realization of antennas are made by LTCC technology mostly, PCB technology or their combinations. Main features of

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ABSTRACT In this paper, four levels of analysis and synthesis filter banks are proposed to create, coefficients for a continuous wavelet transform (CWT), a discrete wavelet transform (DWT), and an inverse, discrete wavelet transform (IDWT). The main property of these

Model Study of UWB Bioradar for Respiratory Detection
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Abstract: In terms of parameters selection and detection in measurement of Ultra Wide Bandwidth stepped frequency bioradar model, stepped frequency interval of emission signal, frequency bandwidth of the intermediate filter (IFBW) and sampling integration time

A Novel Topology of Variable Gain Distributed Amplifier in 0.13 µm CMOS Technology forUWB Applications
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Abstract: We present a new design of CMOS variable gain distributed amplifier (VGDA) by using a new topology of gain cell and a preamplifier circuit. In order to improve the gain, the proposed gain cell has modified cascade structure with optimized bulk source bias.

Design of Band Notch UWB Circular Microstrip Antenna
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Abstract:Design of a compact circular micro strip antenna with band notched Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) characteristics has been proposed. The proposed antenna consists of circular radiating patch with a micro strip line type feed structure and employs a simple defected

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ABSTRACT In this paper, we will present a method for through-the-wall localisation of targets in 3D space by ultra-wideband (UWB) radar.targets are moving or static uncooperative human beings and the localisation is based on the time-of-arrival (TOA)

A New Design of Planar Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna with WiMAX and WLAN Band Rejection for UWB Applications
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Abstract In this paper, a new reconfigurable frequency microstrip antenna with an ability of two rejecting intruder frequency WLAN and WiMAX bands for UWB applications is presented. In this antenna, a defect ground structure (DGS) and a U-shaped slot which is

An Equivalent Circuit Modeling of UWB Patch Antenna with Band Notched Characteristics
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a band notched ultra-wideband (UWB) patch antenna is presented with its circuit modelling. The rectangular patch antenna is designed on dielectric substrate and fed with 50 microstrip by optimizing the width of partial ground, the width of the feed

Reconfigurable UWB Bandpass Filter with Flexible Notch Characteristics
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With the rapid proliferation of modern wireless devices and standards, the radio spectrum has become a prime commodity (Table 1.1). It is a common complaint that the radio spectrum is too crowded to introduce newer wireless services or indeed, faster services

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Abstract:ULTRA-WIDEBAND (UWB) is a new technology that provides high data rate and low power consumption. Secure scrambling at user data based AES-OFB is proposed in this paper instead of using secure scrambling at chip rate based AES-OFB. The new proposed - 2012-uwb-ultra-wideband








uwb-link-for embedded-systems





ofdm uwb-system








an-antenna-for-uwb-and bluetooth-standards-with-band-notched-characteristic

an-antenna-for-uwb-and bluetooth-standards-with-band-notched-characteristic-2

integrated bluetooth-and-uwb-antenna

novel-compact-ultra-wideband-uwb-wide-slot antenna-with-via-holes

compact-uwb-chip antenna-design-using-the-coupling-concept

development-of-a-novel-uwb-vivaldi antenna-array-using-siw-technology

integrated-bluetooth-and-uwb antenna

compact-cpw-fed-uwb antenna-with-dual-band-notched-characteristics

uwb-circular-slot antenna-provided-with-an-inverted-l-notch-filter-for-the-5-ghz-wlan-band

double-printed-trapezoidal-patch-dipole antenna-for-uwb-applications-with-band-notched-characteristic

a-3-12-ghz-uwb-planar-triangular-monopole antenna-with-ridged-ground-plane

a-novel-compact-ultra-wideband-uwb-wide-slot antenna-with-via-holes

circular-fractal-monopole antenna-for-low-vswr-uwb-applications

a-novel-uwb-elliptical-slot antenna-with-band-notched-characteristics

a-planar-u-type-monopole antenna-for-uwb-applications

compact-uwb-bandnotch antenna-with-transmission-line-fed

fpga-based-uwb-miso-time-reversal-system design-and implementation