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Metal printingprocess development of a new rapid manufacturing process formetalparts
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Abstract TheMetal PrintingProcess is a rapid manufacturing concept aimed at developing the equivalent of a high-speed photocopier that produces three-dimensional objects from powder material. In theMetal PrintingProcess each layer is deposited in a die where it is

Metalparts generation by three dimensionalprinting
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Dimensional Printing is a rapid prototyping process in which powdered materials are deposited in layers and selectively joined with binder from an ink-jet style print head. Unbound pOWder is removed upon process completion, leaving a three dimensional part

Material issues of themetal printingprocess, MPP
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Themetal printing process, MPP; is a novel Rapid Manufacturing process under development at SINTEF and NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. The process, which aims at the manufacturing of end-use products for demanding applications in metallic and CerMet

3DMetal Printing
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Youve seen it before the part demands cooling in places you just cant get water, or they need to see parts yesterday, or the tool is too complex to efficiently fabricate using conventional machining and you just cant find a way to make it happen. Thats because

Liquidmetaljetting forprinting metalparts
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ABSTRACT LiquidMetalJetting (LMJ) is solid freeform fabrication process for producing metal mechanical parts and electronic interconnects. It is a technology similar to ink jet printing where individual molten droplets are accurately printed. LMJ will produce metal

Lightweightmetalcellular structures via indirect 3Dprintingand casting
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Cellular materials offer high strength accompanied by low-density and can offer high stiffness, good impact-absorption, and thermal and acoustic insulation. In this paper, the authors describe their progress towards exploring the use ofmetalcasting into 3D printed

Metal printingprocess: a rapid manufacturing process based on xerography usingmetalpowders
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A new method of rapid manufacturing called theMetal PrintingProcess (MPP) is under development at SINTEF in Norway. This method is using xerography to build objects using powders of metals and ceramics in a layered manner. Each layer is transferred from the

Drop-on-demand 3Dmetal printing
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We present a novel method for drop-on-demand (DOD)printing of 3D solid metal structures using liquidmetaldroplets. This method relies on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-based droplet generation. Specifically, a pulsed magnetic field, supplied by an external coil

The distributed design and fabrication ofmetalparts and tooling by 3DPrinting
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This new program will strive to enable and demonstrate the Distributed Design and Fabrication of Parts made by Solid Freeform Fabrication using 3DPrintingofmetalparts and tooling as a model system. Technical barriers to the use of an interface between design and

Directmetalcontactprintinglithography for patterning sapphire substrate and enhancing light extraction efficiency of light-emitting diodes
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(LEDs) for enhancing their light extraction and power efficiencies. A typical galliumnitride (GaN) based blue LEDs includes several epitaxial growth GaN layers and multiple quantum well layers on a sapphire substrate. For a flat and smooth sapphire substrate, a significant

3Dprintingenabled rapid manufacture ofmetalparts at low cost
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Rapid prototyping and manufacturing based on additive technologies herald a paradigm shift in the production of small intricate parts directly from their CAD models. These technologies range from low-cost 3Dprintingusing plastics, to high-end laser sintering of

Direct micrometalpatterning on plastic substrates by electrohydrodynamic jetprintingfor flexible electronic applications
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Directprintingis an attractive technology for the patterning of nanomaterials that enables low-cost fabrication of micro/nano-sized electrical devices through minimal use of materials with non-vacuum environment. Although directprintingopens new border for the patterning

Ultra Fine LinePrintingfor Silicon Solar Cells. Mesh Screens orMetalStencils
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Page 1. Ultra Fine LinePrintingfor Silicon Solar Cells.. Mesh Screens orMetalStencils Tom Falcon 25/10/11 Page 2. 2 Agenda. 1. Background. 2. Screen Stencil Types. 3. Processes. 4. Results. 5. Conclusions. Page 3. 3 Background Solar Cell Structure Sun Side Rear Side Page

Manufacturing metallic parts with designed mesostructure via three-dimensionalprintingofmetaloxide powder
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Cellular materials, metallic bodies with gaseous voids, are a promising class of materials that offer high strength accompanied by a relatively low mass. In this paper, the authors investigate the use of Three-DimensionalPrinting(3DP) to manufacture metallic cellular

3D directmetal printing: a trip through new opportunities and innovative alloys
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The brief historical journey travelled so far with selective laser melting (SLM ) has led us to managing this manufacturing process with more self-confidence and versatility; starting from the first selection experiments on basic parameters and the choice of alloys [1, 2, 3] up to the

Low shrinkagemetalskeletons by three dimensionalprinting
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ABSTRACT Three DimensionalPrinting(3DP) is a process for the rapid fabrication of three dimensional parts directly from computer models. A solid object is created byprintinga sequence of two dimensional layers. The creation of each layer involves the spreading of a

Magnetohydrodynamic LiquidMetalJetPrinting
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We introduce a novel method for drop-on-demand (DOD)printingof moltenmetaldroplets into 3D objects. In this approach, solidmetalis pre-heated within a printhead to form a reservoir of liquidmetalthat feeds a nozzle chamber. Once the chamber is filled, a pulsed

Novel method forprintinghigh-qualitymetalwires
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The inkjetprinting(IJP) technology known as drop on demand (DOD)(see Figure 1) is regarded as one of the most powerful methods for creating organic electronic devices such as light-emitting diodes, thin film transistors, biosensors, and color filters. 1, 2 For

Concepts ofmetal-organic decomposition (MOD) silver inks for structured metallization by inkjetprinting
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In this contribution, we report on the optimization of ametal-organic decomposition (MOD) ink based on silver (I) complexes by a systematic variation of the ink formulation. As a result, three different ink concepts turned out to be printable and resulting in a sufficiently high

AM: Technologies: 3D Multi-MaterialMetal Printingof Delicate Structures
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A new 3D screenprintingmanufacturing method is used to performprintingexperiments with a two material layout. For this purpose the screen and the material are changed during theprintingprocess and the materials are printed in an alternating rhythm. We studied the


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