PHP Compiler Front-end


Design and Implementation of a PHP Compiler Front-end


Design and Implementation of an Ahead-of-Time Compiler for PHP
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In recent years the importance of dynamic scripting languages such as PHP , Python, Ruby and Javascript has grown as they are used for an increasing amount of software development. Scripting languages provide high-level language features, a fast

Design and implementation of a PHP compiler front-end
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This technical report describes the design and implementation of a front-end for phc, the open source PHP compiler . This front-end provides an excellent basis for developing tools which process PHP source code, and consists of a well-defined Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)

Building a JIT compiler for PHP in 2 days
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Page 1. Building a JIT compiler for PHP in 2 days Nuno Lopes Instituto Superior T cnico Technical University of Lisbon Page 2. Outline Overview of the Zend VM Design Rationale Implementation Results Future Work Page 3. Overview of the Zend VM Page 4

Smarty-the compiling PHP template engine
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M Ohrt, A Zmievski 2001 Therefore there is no costly template file parsing for each request, and each template can take full advantage of PHP compiler cache solutions such as Zend Accelerator ( or PHP Accelerator (http://www. php

GAP: generic aspects for PHP
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PHPAspect provides a compiler , written in PHP , that performs static weaving using source code transformations (see Figure 2). PH- PAspect is currently being reimplemented in C, using an XML rep- resentation for the abstract syntax trees and using XSLT for the weaving

Regular expression matching can be simple and fast (but is slow in java, perl, php , python, ruby,)
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of a large number of popular programs that use the same algorithm; the above graph could have been Python, or PHP , or Ruby Following Thompsons paper, the compiler builds an NFA from a regular expression in postfix notation with dot (.) added as an explicit concatenation

Development of a PHP Compiler for Mono
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Mono is an open source implementation of Microsofts .NET platform including the tools, libraries and compilers required to build software on a variety of platforms: Linux, UNIX, MacOS X, Solaris and Windows. It is based on the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)

PHP manual
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System/Library/Frameworks/Apache.framework/Versions/1.3/Headers \-enable-shared=max \ --enable-module=most \-target=apache 4. You also want to add this line: setenv OPTIM=-O2 If you want the compiler to do some optimization. 5. Next, go to the PHP 4 source

Aspect-oriented web development in PHP
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The first weaving stage performs source code transformations then, it passes the generated source code to the compiler , integrated in the PHP Interpreter. The second weaving stage operates on the bytecode generated by the compiler

Automated security review of PHP web applications with static code analysis
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Page 1. Automated Security Review of PHP Web Applications with Static Code Analysis Many web applications written in PHP suffer from injection vulnerabilities, and static analysis makes it possible to track down these vulnerabilities before they are exposed on the web

Reducing Dynamic Feature Usage in PHP Code
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Just like Hiphop, PHC does a number of static optimizations such as constant-folding to get better performance. In order to support eval they have coupled the PHP runtime in their compiler and compiled code. This of course, does not reduce the performance penalty of eval

Compiling PHP Applications for the Microsoft .NET Platform
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The only existing PHP language compiler with support to PHP5 and all PHP runtime libraries is the PHP .NET project covered in this paper. This project Student 200 Praha, pp. 1-8. Page 2 The PHP .NET compiler supports the entire object model proposed by PHP5

An Empirical Analysis of C# PHP JAVA JSP and ASP. Net Regarding performance analysis based on CPU utilization
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Currently, the most popular programming languages are Java, PHP and C#. They have different types of compiler architectures and programming language paradigms so that there are some issues of application or CPU performance

Soft typing PHP
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Page 1. Soft Typing PHP Patrick Camphuijsen Jurriaan Hage Stefan Holdermans Page 2. ISSN: 0924-3275 Department of Information and Computing Sciences Utrecht University PO Box 80.089 3508 TB Utrecht The Netherlands Page 3. Soft Typing PHP with PHP -validator

Static analysis of dynamic scripting languages
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As such, there is no definition of its semantics, except for its reference implementation.3 We have previously described a technique for creating a compiler for such a language. Although PHP is very different from languages like C, C++ and Java, there are a great deal of

Pub, the Document Compiler
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Scribe @techreport(PUB, key=Tesler, author=Tesler, Larry, title=PUB: The Document Compiler , year=197 number=ON-7 month=Sep, institution=Stanford University JSMin has been ported to other languges. JSMin. php was hosted on Google Code. Page 48

PHPGate: A Practical White-Delimiter-Tracking Protection against SQL-Injection for PHP
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It thus introduces a much less performance User 1.Request with parameters 11.Response Web Server (Apache/Nginx) PHPGATE PHP Zend VM Compiler Zend API Executer initialization and shutdown 4.begin comilation Taint Introduction

Lesser known security problems in PHP applications
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or when an extension requests their creation The compiler just detects direct usage access by variable-variables is NOT detected 12 Page 13. Stefan Esser Lesser Known Security Problems in PHP Applications 2008/Sep/17 auto_globals_jit Security Problem

Open Source Web Services
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Web sites that are hosted by PHP hosting services and want to use Web Services to share data with their partners to access services cannot do so, since they have no control over their PHP installation. They cannot install Java, dont have compiler access, and have no

Realistic vulnerability injections in PHP web applications
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Finally, Biggar describes how to perform static analysis on PHP using this model It applies the results of its analysis to the phc ahead-of-time compiler in order to boost its optimization process. 2.4 Vulnerability Detection Tools