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Downlink coverage probability in MIMO HetNets with flexible cell selection
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Abstract:In this paper, we study the coverage probability of a K-tier multiple-input multiple- output heterogeneous cellular network (MIMO HetNet) assuming (i) zero-forcing precoding at all the base stations (BSs),(ii) Rayleigh fading,(iii) independent Poisson Point Process (

A Network Overview of Massive MIMO for 5G Wireless Cellular: System Model and Potentials
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Abstract:This research article presents an overview on massive MIMO systems and its signal processing applications in future trends unlocking the aspects fifth generation of cellular communication. The key technologies includes MIMO integration to emerging

Joint Frequency Offset and Channel Estimation for Distributed MIMO in Time-Varying Channels
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Abstract: In this paper, the joint estimation of frequency offsets and channel for distributed MIMO system in time-varying channel is discussed. We assume that each pair of transmit and receive antennas has a different frequency offset. We promote the multi-parameter

Technical Report: MVDR based Multi-Cell Cooperative Beamforming Techniques for Unicast/Multicast MIMO Networks with Perfect/Imperfect CSI
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In this section, we present other sub-optimal transmission schemes such as SCEB, White and Proportional Power Allocation for performance comparison with the optimal successive minimum variance beamforming (SMVB) schemes described in section III. A, titled

MIMO PID tuning via iterated LMI restriction
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Abstract We formulate multi-input multi-output (MIMO) proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller design as an optimization problem that involves nonconvex quadratic matrix inequalities. We propose a simple method that replaces the nonconvex matrix inequalities

Practical known-plaintext attacks against physical layer security in wireless mimo systems
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Abstract:Physical layer security schemes for wireless communication systems have been broadly studied from an information theory point of view. In contrast, there is a dearth of attack methodologies to analyze the achievable security on the physical layer. To address

target Using Bistatic MIMO Radar in Multi-path Environment
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Page 1.target Using Bistatic MIMO Radar in Multi-path Environment Step 2 : Extract fluctuating component due to human activity from Fourier transformed MIMO channel Frequency range influenced by human activity Heart beat Respiration 0.33 ~0.5 Hz

Linear transmit-receive strategies for multi-user MIMO wireless communications
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Abstract The ever growing demand for reliable high data rates, enlarged coverage, and spectral efficiency in the existing third generation (3G) and fourth generation (4G) of mobile communication systems and future systems, has inspired intensive research efforts in the

Tracking underwater objects using large mimo sonar systems
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Abstract: MIMO sonar systems can offer great capabilities for area surveillance especially in very shallow water with heavy cluttered environment. We present here a MIMO simulator which can compute synthetic raw data for any transmitter/receiver pair in multipath and

Full duplex MIMO radios
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Abstract This paper presents the design and implementation of the first in-band full duplex WiFi-PHY based MIMO radios that practically achieve the theoretical doubling of throughput. Our design solves two fundamental challenges associated with MIMO full duplex:

Optimal Training Design and Individual Channel Estimation for MIMO Two-Way Relay Systems in Colored Environment
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Abstract:In this paper, while considering the impact of antenna correlation and the interference from neighboring users, we study the problem of channel estimation and training sequence design in multi-input multi-output (MIMO) two-way relaying (TWR)

A Decoupling Method for MIMO Terminal Antenna using Branch Element without Susceptance Circuits
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Abstract:Decoupling method of 2 x 2 MIMO by connecting two element antennas between feed points are developed. Especially its method of connecting by capacitor or inductor with susceptance value is noted. In this paper, mechanism of decoupling method by

Dispersion of Quasi-Static MIMO Fading Channels via Stokes' Theorem
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This paper analyzes the channel dispersion of quasi-static multiple-input multiple-output fading channels with no channel state information at the transmitter. We show that the channel dispersion is zero under mild conditions on the fading distribution. The proof of

1× 224 Gb/s 10 km Transmission of Polarization Division Multiplexed PAM-4 Signals Using 1.3 µm SiP Intensity Modulator and a Direct-Detection MIMO-based
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Abstract Enabled by MIMO DSP and direct-detection receiver, two polarization states of a single laser are intensity modulated with 56 Gbaud PAM-4 signal using a packaged 1310

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ABSTRACT This paper presents an adaptive hardware design for computing Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of the radio communication channel characteristic matrix and is suitable for computing the SVD of a maximum of 4× 4 realvalue matrices used in (multiple

A QoE-Driven FEC Rate Adaptation Scheme for Scalable Video Transmissions over MIMOSystems
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Abstract:We propose a forward error correction (FEC) coding rate adaptation scheme which maximizes the quality of experience (QoE), for scalable video coding (SVC) based video transmissions over multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems. The proposed scheme

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The combination of Multiple-Input Multipleoutput (MIMO) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has been viewed as the trend of the new wireless LAN technology. In this paper, the design of an up-to-date 2 x 2 Space-Time Block Coded (STBC)

Computer Simulation and Field Experiment for Downlink Multiuser MIMO in Mobile WiMAX System
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The transmission performance for a downlink mobile WiMAX system with multiuser multiple- input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) systems in a computer simulation and field experiment is described. In computer simulation, a MU-MIMO transmission system can be realized by

On the Fluctuation of Mutual Information in Double Scattering MIMO Channels
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Abstract:In this paper, we study the fluctuation of mutual information in the presence of double-scattering MIMO channels. Based on techniques from free probability theory, the asymptotic variance of the mutual information is obtained. Using the derived results, we

Massive MIMO for Next Generation Wireless Systems
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ABSTRACT Multi-user MIMO offers big advantages over conventional point-to-point MIMO: it works with cheap single-antenna terminals, a rich scattering environment is not required, and resource allocation is simplified because every active terminal utilizes all of the time-

Design and Analysis of Planar Phased MIMO Antenna for Radar Applications
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Abstract:Phased-multiple-input multiple-output (phased-MIMO) radar using one- dimensional transmit arrays has been thoroughly investigated in the literature. In this paper, we consider two-dimensional phased-MIMO radar array which is called planar-phased-

An application of fuzzy inference system to MIMO SA
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MIMOSA is the acronym for: Methodology for the Implementation and Monitoring of Occupational SAfety, and it is a new model for evaluating performances in health and safety in workplace, through the use of check-lists and indicators. In this work a first proposal of

Load Modulated MIMO: A New Hardware Concept to Reduce Cost, Size, and Amplifier Back-off
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Page 1. Load Modulated MIMO: A New Hardware Concept to Reduce Cost, Size, and Amplifier Back-off Ralf R. Müller Ralf Müller (FAU NTNU) Load Modulated MIMO 12-Dec-2014 1 / 18 Page 2. Introduction Massive MIMO vs. Small Cells

Millimeter-wave massive MIMO: the next wireless revolution
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To achieve the dramatic improvements in capacity and spectral efficiency needed for fifth generation (5G) systems to accommodate the ever increasing number of users who require ubiquitous access to high volumes of wireless data, three symbiotic technological

A tensor-based framework for blind identification of linear MIMO FIR systems
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Contrary to classical identification, blind system identification (BSI) attempts to estimate a system using output measurements only. This is especially useful when the input data are expensive or impossible to measure, as is the case in several medical applications, Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) systems, which rely on the availability of multiple antenna elements on the side of wireless transmitters and receivers, have been a topic of significant research activity over the last 15 years. Despite the great progress that has

Efficient QRD-M Detection in the MIMO-OFDM System
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Abstract. In this paper, the improved QR-decomposition with M algorithm (QRD-M) for efficient signal detection is proposed. In order to improve efficiency in terms of complexity and detection performance, the proposed detection scheme adjusts the number of

Broadcast precoding for massive MIMO subject to an instantaneous total power constraint
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D So far most of the precoding methods have been designed based on an average total power constraint D For hardware costs, the peak power is much more relevant than the average power. D For single-RF MIMO transmitters, we wish to minimize the total peak power. D

Energy Efficiency and Sum Rate when Massive MIMO meets Device-to-Device Communication
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Abstract:This paper considers a scenario of short-range com-munication, known as device- to-device (D2D) communication, where D2D users reuse the downlink resources of a cellular network to transmit directly to their corresponding receivers. In addition, multiple

Implementing Packet Broadcasting Algorithm Of Mimo Based Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks To Exploit Diversity
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ABSTRACT With the rapid growth of wireless communication infras,, tructure over the recent few years, new challenges has been posed on the system and analysis on wireless adhoc networking. Implementation of MIMO communication in such type of network is enhancing

Implicit Regulator Calculation for Regular MIMO-Systems with Predictive Functional Control Demonstrated at a Three Tank System
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Abstract: The concept of predictive functional control is a simplified method for model based predictive control, which allows an implicit regulator calculation in special cases. Mostly, the concept is used for SISO-systems or MIMO-systems with two input and two output

The Analysis of MIMO/OFDM Networks with group-selected Arrays signal Processing
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Abstract Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a multi-carrier block modulation scheme suitable for wireless communication. OFDM has attracted a lot attention in broadband wireless systems. The use of group selected Adaptive arrays signals

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Abstract: With the advent of IMT-Advanced,target throughput obtained from wireless networks became comparable with wired counterparts. LTE and WiMAX have been the two main standards developed by 3GPP. The need to enhance the LTE and

Unied MIMO-multicarrier designs: a space-time shift keying approach
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Abstract:A survey and tutorial is provided on the subject of 5 multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) multicarrier (MC) sys-6 tems relying on the space–time shift keying (STSK) concept. We 7 commence with a brief review of the family of MIMO systems, 8 which is followed by

Design of an Inverted U-Shaped MIMO Patch Antenna for Dual Band Applications
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Abstract: A compact design of two element Multiple Input MultipleOutput (MIMO) system is proposed using an inverted U-shaped patch antenna. The antenna is fed by a coaxial feeding technique printed on a dielectric FR-4 substrate. The proposed MIMO system

Position Location using OFDM signal in LCX Linear Cell MIMO System
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Abstract:This paper proposes a new scheme of position location for radio terminals using MIMO-OFDM signal. First, this paper describes on a system configuration of LCX linear cell MIMO system and its research issues. Second, to observe channel responses depending

MIMO Antennas in Radar Applications
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Conventional single-antenna radar is inherently limited in meeting the rising demands of future applications. Innovative radar technologies are thus needed to be developed. Multiple- input multiple-output (MIMO) radar allows for simultaneous transmission and reception by

Estimation method for complex radiation pattern of MIMO antennas using backscattering waves
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Abstract:In this paper, we propose a novel method for measuring a complex radiation pattern of MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) antennas, without connecting cables or small oscillators at ports of MIMO antennas. Results of the numerical simulation show that

K-NN Based Adaptive Modulation Coding (AMC) and Incremental Redundancy Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (IR-HARQ) in MIMO
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ABSTRACT In Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, a cross layer design enhances the spectral efficiency, reliability and throughput of the network. In this paper, a cross-layer approach for k-NN based Adaptive Modulation Coding (AMC) and Incremental

Rank-Deficient Solutions for Optimal Signaling over Secure MIMO Channels
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Wire-tap channel model (Wyner'75) Information-theoretic security: secrecy capacity Secure MIMO channels (LTY'07, BLPS'09, LS'09, SLU'09, KW'10(1,2), OH'11) Gaussian signalling is optimal (not easy to prove) Optimal covariance: special cases (MISO, high/low SNR, full rank)

Techniques Performance Analysis and Linking to OFDM and MIMO
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Abstract: The next generation wireless broadband communication services has been developed in last several years. In last few years, wireless communications have gained enormous popularity in all over the world. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access

Expectation Propagation Based Iterative Multi-User Detection for MIMO-IDMA Systems
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Abstract:In this paper, we propose an expectation propagation based iterative multi-user detection algorithm for multiple input multiple output interleave-division multiple access (MIMO-IDMA) systems with high-order modulation. The proposed detector can be well

Performance Analysis of SVD Based Single and Multiple Beamforming for SU-MIMO and MU-MIMO Systems with Various Modulation Schemes
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Abstract Most of the wireless communication technologies are not able to provide substantial gain in terms of reliability and capacity due to the effect of multipath fading and limited spectrum. A best solution to overcome these problems is multiple antennas techniques.

Performance evaluation for v-blast MIMO systems under Different channel conditions with various detection techniques
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Abstract This paper presents an in-depth analysis of the zero forcing (ZF), minimum mean squared error (MMSE) and Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) equalizers applied to wireless multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems using Vertical Bell Labs Layered Space-

Experimental Evaluation of Matching Method Based on Image Impedances for Near Field MIMO
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Facing antennas in near field significantly affect antenna characteristics each other[2] Matching method for near field MIMO is needed Proposed Method Experimental Evaluation of Matching Method Based on Image Impedances for Near Field MIMO Kazuki Ishii Introduction

Weighted Sum-rate Maximization for Multi-user Mimo-OFDM Downlink with ZF-DPC Methods
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1Department of ECE, SVS Institute of Technology, Hanamkonda, Warangal, India 2Department of ECE, SR Engineering College, Hasanparthy, Warangal, India 3Vaagdevi College of Engineering, Boll kkunta, Warangal, India 1kpatteti@ gmail. com,

Determination of MIMO Channel Capacity and Enhancement of MIMO System Performance Using Tomlinson Harashima Precoding
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Abstract:Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems using multiple transmit and receive antennas are widely recognized as the vital breakthrough that will allow future wireless systems to achieve higher data rates with limited bandwidth and power resources. The

Deployment Challenges for Large-Scale MIMO Communications
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Large-scale (or massive) MIMO systems have been shown to hold great potential for realizing Gigabit data rates in the next generation wireless networks. When networks deploy massive MIMO-enabled base stations (BS) or access points, their capacity can be

Design of MIMO OFDM SDM Systems for High Speed Data Transmission
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ABSTRACT A combination of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Spatial Division Multiplexing technology and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing technique, namely MIMO- OFDM SDM systems, been well-known as a potential technology to provide high speed

A Review On Various Approaches to Reduce Intersymbol Interference in MIMO–OFDM System
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Abstract MIMO-OFDM (Multiple Input Multiple Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) system has been recognized as one of the most popular and competitive technique in a wireless environment now a days. The performance is calculated in terms

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In order to evaluate current and upcoming mobile communications standards and to investigate new transmission as well as receiver techniques in a real-world environment, a very flexible testbed was set up at the Vienna University of Technology, comprised of A new approach to Semi–Blind Channel Estimation (SBCE) technique for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless communication system is proposed in this paper. It combines the least squares (LS) and Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) Training–

Performance Analysis of Various Equalizers for ISI reduction in MIMO-OFDM System
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Abstract-For high speed data transmission system quality is a big challenge. In case of multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) system, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)target. Inter Symbol Interference has This study proposes a hybrid approach to synthesise the MIMO radar antenna arrays with low peak side lobe levels (PSLLs). In this approach, the positive features of genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimisation (PSO) have been integrated to find the

BER Analysis with Adaptive Modulation Coding in MIMO-OFDM for WiMAX using GNU Radio
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Abstract This paper explores how MIMO increases channel capacity and how the fundamental characteristics of a MIMO system can create significant test challenges. Spatial modulation (SM) is the latest developed modulation method in the field of communication.

Efficient and Low Complexity Modulation Classification Algorithm for MIMO Systems
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Abstract: This study develops a feature-based Automatic Modulation Classification (AMC) algorithm for spatially multiplexed Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems employing two Higher Order Cumulants (HOCs) of the estimated transmit signal streams as

Achievable Sum Rate Analysis of ZF Receivers in 3D MIMO Systems.
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Abstract Three-dimensional multiple-input multiple-output (3D MIMO) and large-scale MIMO are two promising technologies for upcoming high data rate wireless communications, since the inter-user interference can be reduced by exploiting antenna vertical gain and degree

Bayesian Multiple Estimation in Flat Rician Fading MIMO Channels
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Abstract:In this paper, the performance of the single-estimation (SE) and multiple- estimation (ME) is investigated in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) Rician flat fading channels using the traditional least squares (LS) estimator and the Bayesian minimum

Probability density derivation and analysis of SINR in massive MIMO systems with MF beamformer
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Abstract In massive MIMO systems, the matched filter (MF) beamforming is attractive technique due to its extremely low complexity of implementation compared to those high- complexity decomposition-based beamforming techniques such as zero-forcing, and

Codebook based Direct Vector Quantization of MIMO Channel Matrix with Channel Normalization
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a novel codebook generation strategy is proposed. With the given codebooks, two codeword selection procedures are proposed and analyzed for generating the quantized multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel state information (CSI).

A Partial-State Observer for a Class of MIMO Nonlinear Systems
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Abstract: In this paper, we consider input-affine invertible MIMO nonlinear systems which can be transformed into a special normal form by means of the structure algorithm. The normal form highlights a partial state, a subset of state variables, which plays in this setting

2x2 MIMO OFDM Systems for Adaptive Channel Estimation technique
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Abstract:In this paper analysis of least squares (RLS) algorithm and LMS algorithm is proposed for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. These two algorithms are used as adaptive channel

Low Complexity QRD-S Using Channel State Information in MIMO-OFDM System
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Abstract. In this paper, an adaptive detection scheme is proposed to reduce the complexity. The QRD-S detection scheme reduces the complexity by reflecting the channel state

Assignment Scheme for Maximizing the Network Capacity in the Massive MIMO
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Abstract The throughput performance of Massive MIMO is limited due to pilot contamination. In the conventional research, we considered maximum network capacity when the number of user and total pilots fixed. However, we want to calculate theoretically maximum

Temperature Control Using Hybrid Control with MRAC and ECS into a MIMO Microwave Heating Process
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ABSTRACT Microwave heating is an advanced heating technique in which heat is generated inside the material, but thermal runaway phenomenon is still the major challenge of the microwave heating process. The application of a hybrid temperature control

Performance Analysis of Adaptive MIMO Based OFDM using FFT and DWT
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In wireless communication systems proposal the wavelets require valuable applicability, by way of channel characterization, interference modification, modulation then multiplexing numerous access communication, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication, cognitive radio

A Realistic Process Example for MIMO MPC based on Autoregressive Models
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Abstract: Advanced controllers such as model predictive control are in use for a wide range of application in the process industry. The potential utilization of such advanced predictive controllers is far from exhausted. One barrier for more widespread implementation is the

A flexible 100-antenna testbed for Massive MIMO
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Abstract:Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) is one of the main candidates to be included in the fifth generation (5G) cellular systems. For further system development it is desirable to have real-time testbeds showing possibilities and limitations of the technology

Advanced MIMO Techniques in the Heterogeneous Networks
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Since the first commercial long term evolution (LTE) was deployed in the South Korea, there are 300 operators have commercially launched LTE networks in 107 countries reported by the global mobile suppliers association. At least 20% of network operators are investing to

Interference-temperature limit for cognitive radio networks with MIMO primary users
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Abstract:This paper derives the interference-temperature (IT) limit for a multi-antenna primary user (PU) with a rate constraint. While in the case of a single-antenna PU there is a one-to-one mapping between IT and achievable rate, this correspondence does not hold

Full Band MIMO Monopole Antenna for LTE Systems
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Abstract A novel printed planar monopole antenna for LTE multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) application is proposed. By adding six ellipticals on top of the antenna, we enhance the lower frequency bandwidth. The idea for this is gotten from [1, 2]. These papers

Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for the Phased array MIMO Radar:target Localization
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Progress In Science and Engineering Research Journal PISER 13, Vol.02, Issue: 03/06 May- June; Bimonthly International Journal Page(s) 261-266 Signal Processing Algorithm of STC Waveforms for the Phased array Samiran Pramanik1, Nirmalendu Bikas

A review of various BER reduction techniques in MIMO-CDMA system
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Abstract:CDMA with MIMO is very good technique beyond 3G and 4G wireless communications. CDMA with MIMO systems give large capacitive gains and good spatial diversity. Spatial diversity and spatial multiplexing are two main aspects to be taken into

A Downlink Max-SINR Precoding for Massive MIMO System.
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Abstract To acquire the maximal array gain and mitigate the impact of pilot contamination, the downlink precoding algorithm on Max-SINR criterion was investigated and improved for Massive MIMO system. The objective function assured to maximize the utilization rate of

A New Algorithm for the Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in MIMO Interference Networks
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Abstract:We propose a new algorithm to solve the non-convex weighted sum-rate maximization problem in general MIMO interference networks. With the Gaussian input assumption, the previous state-of-the-art algorithms are the WMMSE algorithm and the

MIMO-OFDM Channel Prediction Using Pilot Carries
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Abstract: A multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system combined with the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) modulation technique can achieve reliable high data rate transmission over broadband wireless channels. Channel state

Channel estimation in millimeter wave MIMO systems with one-bit quantization
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Abstract:We develop channel estimation agorithms for millimeter wave (mmWave) multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems with one-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Since the mmWave MIMO channel is sparse due to the propagation characteristics, the

Secure Color Image Transmission in a Downlink JP-COMP Based MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication System
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Abstract: In this paper, we made a comprehensive BER (bit error rate) performance simulative study on secure color image transmission in a joint processing-coordinated multipoint aided MIMO-OFDM (multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency

Complexity Analysis of REKF-based Joint Symbol Detection and Channel Estimation in Fast Fading STTC MIMO Systems
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In this section, we first present a brief description of a baseband space-time trellis coded (STTC) wireless system and then demonstrate the performance comparison of the proposed random parameter EM-based Kalman Filter (REKF) technique with respect to some of the

Measurement-based transmission schemes for network MIMO
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ABSTRACT The scaling of network MIMO (netMIMO) comes with the challenges of interference that arise from the aging of the Channel State Information (CSI). Particularly, in scenarios of high channel mobility where netMIMO is expected to be used the

Independent views in mimo sonar systems
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Abstract: The main advantages of MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) sonar systems come from the assumption of independent observations between each transmitter/receiver pairs. The independence of the observations ensures a unbiased set of measurements and then

Uplink Power Control for MIMO-OFDMA Cellular Systems
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Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel uplink power control algorithm, SMST, for multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (MIMO- OFDMA). We perform an extensive system-level simulation to compare different uplink The Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) Y channel is a generalised channel model of the two-way relay channel, which supports point-to-multipoint traffic pattern for unicast. In this paper, a signalling scheme for achieving dynamic Degrees of Freedom (DOF) in the

Time-Delay Neural Network for Smart MIMO Channel Estimation in Downlink 4G-LTE-Advance System
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Abstract:Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is the next generation of current mobile telecommunication networks. LTE has a new flat radio-network architecture and significant increase in spectrum efficiency. In this paper, main focus on throughput performance

On the benefits of Edge Caching for MIMO Interference Alignment
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Abstract:In this contribution, we jointly investigate the benefits of caching and interference alignment (IA) in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interference channel under limited backhaul capacity. In particular, total average transmission rate is derived as a function of

Sum-Rate Capacity Evaluation Methodology for MIMO-OFDMA Systems
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Abstract Recently, the long-term evolution (LTE) system has emerged as a major concern within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP and 3GPP2). Orthogonal frequency division multiple accesses (OFDMA) have been considered within the LTE system as a

A Fair QoE-Aware MIMO Scheduling Scheme Based on Dynamic Latency Boundary for Non-Real-Time Service
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Abstract In Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) system, the scheduling schemes for guaranteeing quality of service (QoS) set fixed delay boundaries for data packets of special service. However, the utility function of the quality of user experience (QoE) is usually a Electromagnetic environmental sensory (EES)-multiple–input multiple–output (MIMO) radar is a new type of adaptive radar system proposed for the problem of anti interference in MIMO radar. After summarising the present basic researches on MIMO radar, this paper first

Interference Alignment in MIMO Networks: Feasibility and Transceiver Design
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Page 1. Interference Alignment in MIMO Networks: Feasibility and Transceiver Design Óscar González University of Cantabria Everyone gets half the cake! Interference Alignment in MIMO Networks: Feasibility and Transceiver Design 1/35

PAPR Reduction in MIMO OFDM System Using Improved Constant Modulus Algorithm
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Abstract:MIMO OFDM has gained importance with the increase in demand of high speed data communication. MIMO OFDM also qualifies 4G standard due to high bandwidth frequency. Despite of many merits MIMO OFDM suffers from high peak to average power

Reliable Transmission Control Scheme Based on FEC Sensing and Adaptive MIMO for Mobile Internet of Things
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Abstract In mobile Internet of Things, it is one key issue how to provide the reliable guarantee of transmission over sensors in connection with the services diversity, dynamic topology and various unknown interference. To solve these problems, we analyzed the

Performance Assessment of a Block Cipher Encryption based Channel Encoded CooperativeMIMO MCCDMA Wireless Communication System.
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Abstract In this paper, we made a comprehensive simulative study on the performance assessment of a MIMO MC CDMA wireless communication system. The proposed system under investigation consider a communication link between three multi antenna supported

A High-performance Implementation of OFDM-MIMO Base-band in Wireless Video System
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Abstract: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) become the key technology of next generation wireless communication system. In order to support wireless transmission of real-time high-definition video, an

Cooperative Beamforming Designs for MIMO Multiuser Networks
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ABSTRACT We consider a cooperative beamforming design problem for multiple-input multiple-output multiuser networks by applying the cooperative bargaining theory. The gradient method for Nash bargaining solutions includes complicate matrix computation

SVD-Based Estimation and Rank Detection for Reduced-Rank MIMO Channel
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Abstract Multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) system, due to its large channel capacity and high reliability, has been widely studied in numerous existing work. It has a lot of applications in reality, eg, 3GPP and LTE standards. These advantages owes to the understanding of the

A Novel Cooperative Multi-cell MIMO Transmission Scheme for Inter-cell Interference Mitigation in LTE-A
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Abstract Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique can significantly increase the system throughput and spectrum efficiency in wireless cellular networks without increasing average transmit power and bandwidth. This technique has been adopted in LTE-

Performance Analysis of 2x2 MIMO for OFDM-DSSS Based Wireless System
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Abstract:In today's 3G world moving to 4G requires high data rate support in applications like multimedia services, internet access and video streaming services. Such applications are always in need of very high speed data rate support which increases the requirement

Robust control of MIMO systems
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In this field, notions of robustness, observability, controllability, closed loop performance etc. are not so obvious. In particular, complex nonlinear problems often need to be reduced in order to become tractable for nonlinear theory, or to apply input-output linearization

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Abstract: This paper presents a comparative performance analysis of wireless multiple input multiple outputorthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system with the implementation of comb type pilot-based channel prediction algorithm. The Minimum

Noncoherent Decision-Feedback Equalization in Massive MIMO Systems
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Abstract:In this paper, a noncoherent approach to decision-feedback equalization (DFE) in multi-user massive MIMO systems is presented. Thereby, the contradicting principles of DFE, where interference of already detected symbols is canceled using actual channel

Iterative Transceiver Design for Opportunistic Interference Alignment in MIMO Interfering Multiple-Access Channels
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Abstract:In this paper, we propose an iterative transceiver design algorithm for opportunistic interference alignment in MIMO interfering multiple-access channels. The proposed algorithm iteratively optimizes the transmit beamforming vectors, the receive

A Review of Link Adaptation on Different Fading Channel for OSTBC MIMO System with CSIT
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Abstract--In this paper, address the review of energyefficient link adaptation for frequency- selective fading channels. Description for both circuit and transmit powers when designing link adaptation schemes and emphasize energy efficiency over peak rates or throughput.

Control of Twin Rotor MIMO System (TRMS) Using PID Controller
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Non-linear system. Here Twin rotor multi input-multi output (MIMO) system considered as a nonlinear system. The twin rotor mimo system is a laboratory setup to perform control experiments. The control objective is to make the TRMS more quickly and accurately on

Performance Comparation of TR and FDE in the MB-IR-UWB System Based on MIMO
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Abstract In order to improve the channel capacity of the multiband impulse radio ultra- wideband (MB-IR-UWB) system, the multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) technology is introduced to MB-IR-UWB system, and we get a new MB-IR-UWB system based on MIMO.

Energy-efficient Routing in MIMO-based Mobile Ad hoc Networks with Multiplexing and Diversity Gains
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Abstract It is critical to design energy-efficient routing protocols for battery-limited mobile ad hoc networks, especially in which the energy-consuming MIMO techniques are employed. However, there are several challenges in such a design: first, it is difficult to characterize

Interference-aware receiver design for MU-MIMO in LTE: Real-time performance measurements
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Multiuser (MU) MIMO is a promising technique to significantly increase the cell capacity in LTE systems. However, users scheduled for MU-MIMO may still experience strong MU interference if the channel state information at the base station is outdated or in small cells

Real Time Implementation of a High Performance MIMO-OFDM WLAN for Image Transmission
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Abstract-The multicarrier transmitter and receiver system such as the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is designed to transmit an image in real time. This Tx/Rx has been carried out in Xilinx EDA tool for FPGA Virtex 7 family processor (XC5VLX20T) which

Simulative investigation on mimo systems for enhanced performance
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ABSTRACT The next generation of broadband wireless communication system is expected to provide user with wireless multimedia services such as high-speed internet access, wireless television and mobile television. Multiple input and multiple output (MIMO) can be

Design Of High Throughput MIMO Detectors with Hardware Efficient Architecture
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Abstract:MIMO-OFDM is the foundation for most advanced wireless local area network (Wireless LAN) and mobile broadband network standards. The efficient architecture of 4* 4 64-QAM MIMO detectors are mainly used for the wireless communication. The existing

Discrete-time Switching MIMO LPV Gain-scheduling Control for the Reduction of Engine-induced Vibrations in Vehicles
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Abstract: The work of this paper is an extension of the previous work realized by the authors. The main objective of this work is the reduction of the engine-induced vibrations in vehicles using a switching strategy to augment the controller range of actuation. Two inertia mass

MIMO H control for power source coordination–application to energy management systems of electric vehicles
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Abstract: This paper deals with a control strategy used for designing energy management systems within average-power electric vehicles. The power supply system is composed of three sources, namely a fuel cell, a battery and an ultracapacitor–specialized within

Improved Radius Selection in Sphere Decoder for MIMO System
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Abstract-The MLD (Maximum-likelihood decoding) of a particular random code over an AWGN (additive white Gaussian noise) channel requires an exhaustive search over all the possible code-word, and so the computational complexity of the optimal decoding scheme

Correntropy-Based Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems
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The next generation wireless communication systems are required to provide very high data rate and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) over hostile radio channels. To this end, accurate Channel State Information (CSI) is required at the receiver. Most of the channel

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Abstract Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems with multiple antenna elements at both transmitter and receiver ends are an efficient solution for wireless communication systems. They provide high data rates by exploiting the spatial domain under the

BER Analysis of OSTBC-MIMO-OFDM Systems using Triple-Polarized Antennas
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Abstract:Diversity and data rate over multipath fading channels in wireless communication systems can be significantly enhanced by the combined use of orthogonal space-time block coding (OSTBC) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division

Optimization Of Capacity Of MIMO Antenna Based Wireless System Using Genetic Algorithm
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Abstract:In this work, at the earlier stage, the signal formation and the initial antenna array setup is considered as the input population set to the Genetic process. The genetic process is defined for N number of iterations. With each iteration, the two parent configurations are

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Abstract:The water filling algorithm provides solution with the help of channel state information. MIMO is a promising high data rate integrates technology. It is well known the aptitude of MIMO can be significantly enhanced by employing a proper power budget

Space-Time Diversity Schemes with Blind Channel Estimation for TH-PPM UWB MIMOCommunications
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Abstract:For a time-hopping (TH) pulse position modulation (PPM) based ultra-wideband (UWB) multiantenna system, we propose four coherent space-time (ST) diversity schemes, corresponding to which the correlation template signals with blind channel estimation are

Scrambled Voice Frequency Signal Transmission in an Amplify and Forward Relaying Based STBC Encoded Cooperative MIMO-OFDM System.
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Abstract In this paper, a comprehensive study has been made on performance assessment of a single relayed cooperative wireless communication system under implementation of OFDM aided MIMO technology. This paper provides a new insight on system performance

A Full-Duplex Relay Based Hybrid Transmission Mechanism for the MIMO-Capable Cooperative Intelligent Transport System
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The goal of the cooperative intelligent transport system (C-ITS) is to provide a vehicular communication system that can enable quick, cost-effective means to distribute data in order to ensure safety, traffic efficiency, driver comfort, and so forth. The vehicular


asymptotic-analysis-of-outage-region-in cdma-mimo-systems

block-coded mimo-ofdm-systems

carrier-frequency-in mimo-ofdm-system

channel-estimation-for mimo-ofdm-systems

decision-directed mimo-ofdm

decomposition-in mimo-ofdm-systems


estimation-for mimo-ofdm-systems

estimation-in mimo-ofdm-systems

feedback-on mimo-ofdm-systems



front-end-for mimo-ofdm


mimo ad-hoc-networks-2

mimo ad-hoc-networks

mimo cognitive-radio-a-game-theoretical-approach

mimo power-line-communication-channels

mimo radar

mimo rayleigh-fading-channels







multimedia-data-over mimo-ofdm-systems

multiple-user mimo-ofdm-system

ofdm-and mimo-ofdm-systems

on-the-throughput-of-mimo-empowered-multi-hop cognitive-radio-networks

performance-analysis-of mimo-ofdm






design-of-an-e-shaped-mimo antenna

nonregenerative-mimo-relaying-with-optimal-transmit antenna-selection

performance-of-amplify-and-forward-mimo-relay-channels-with-transmit antenna-selection-and-maximal-ratio-combining



target-velocity-estimation-and antenna-placement-for-mimo-radar-with-widely-separated-antennas

the-compact-quad-band-mobile-handset antenna-for-the-lte700-mimo-application

multifunctional reconfigurable-mems-integrated-antennas-for-adaptive-mimo-systems


FPGA-based hardware realization for 4G MIMO wireless systems
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Abstract: Emerging multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems are called to play a key role in fourth generation (4G) wireless systems in order to achieve higher data rate and advanced spectral efficiency. Even with extensive research on the design of transmission

request Low-complexity channel estimation in large-scale MIMO using polynomial expansion

Low-complexity channel estimation in large-scale MIMO using polynomial expansion
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Abstract:This paper considers pilot-based channel estimation in large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems, also known as massive MIMO. Unlike previous works on this topic, which mainly considered the impact of inter-cell disturbance