solar charge controller

A Cost Effective Solar Charge Controller
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This paper contains the design, construction and implementation of an efficient solar charge controller at low cost. The charge controller is implemented using an inexpensive PIC microcontroller with the help of solar panel and battery. It is also simulated by using Proteus

Solar Charge Controller
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Non-conventional power generation is one of the fastest growing sectors. Globally, all countries are busy developing and implementing non-conventional power to bridge the electricity demand and power supply gap. The sun is the ultimate source of limitless solar

designing smart charge controller for the solar battery charging station (SBCS)
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Solar panels-the vital element of this SBCS makes use of exhausted energy. Compared to all other energy solar energy is abundant and free that can be used to charge batteries used for any module or electrical kits which are obvious for daily usage. The Smart Charge

Charge controller for solar panel based charging of lead-acid batteries
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This thesis deals with the design and implementation of a charge controller for multiple lead- acid batteries to be used in a solar system. Such controller enables an independent connection and charge control for each of more batteries with possibly different age and

Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Solar Charge Controller
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Solar Energy-the ultimate and future source of energy is getting its importance day by day and will become the most prime important source of energy for mankind in the near future. Solar powered equipment and applications are gradually getting its way into the various

Design and Implementation of a Micro Controller Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Fuzzy Solar Charge Controller
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In this paper we present analysis, modeling and implementation of an efficient solar charge controller . Maximum power of a photovoltaic system is heavily dependent on temperature and insolation. We have employed the perturb and observealgorithm for maximum power

A new MOSFET based solar charge controller for battery charger applications
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A charge controller is a power electronic device used in medium voltage and medium power applications. This paper proposes a topology for a solar charge controller to regulate the power flowing from a photovoltaic panel into a rechargeable battery while also preventing

Design of a solar charge controller set point and lead acid battery capacity tester
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This aim of this thesis is the designing of testing instrument for SHS. SHS is a growing sector in our country. In every SHS batteries and a DC charge controller are used. But capacities of those batteries or the performance of the DC charge controllers are not always verified

Microcontroller Based Solar Smart Charge Controller using MPPT
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Photovoltaic is one of the renewable energy resources that recently has become broader in nowadays technology. The electricity generations of photovoltaic (PV) panels are strongly related with insolation and temperature. The insolation and temperature are not stable, since

Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller Based 12V-7A/10A Smart Solar Battery Charge Controller
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In this study, a microcontroller based solar powered lead battery charge controller with efficient solar panel and some physical LEDs which can significantly states the condition of the battery and the whole circuit is developed. It comprise of using microcontroller based

Simulation and Analysis of Various Techniques Used for MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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(MPPT) techniques are proposed. Maximum power point tracking is used for extracting the maximum power from the Solar photovoltaic module (SPV). Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms are used for achieving maximum power point. Microcontroller is used for

Solar charge controller in solar street light
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Recently, with the rapid development of scientific technology, the conventional energy cannot meet the requirement of human beings. People are looking for the utilization of renew energy. Solar en-ergy as a new clean energy has attract the eyes of people. The

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The aim of this project is to design and construct a solar charge controller , using mostly discrete components. The charge controller varies its output to a step of 12V; for a battery of 200Ah rating. The design consists of four stages which include current booster, battery level

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Climate change mostly causes by change in weather patterns, global warming causes undesirable temperature changes to unsafe values that hinder smooth working environment especially in urban centre office blocks and damage of office equipment due to overheating That is why

A Cost Effective Solar Charge Controller and Load Driver for DC Home Appliances
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The cost effective circuit presented is a simple solution to frequent blackouts experienced in homes throughout Nigeria. It is basically a solar charge controller comprising two different switching circuits for battery charging and DC load driving, using readily available and
comprising two different switching circuits for battery charging and DC load driving, using readily available and