Stochastic Security for Operations Planning With Significant Wind Power Generation

In their attempt to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation, several countries are committed to install wind power generation up to and beyond the 10%–20% penetration mark. However, the large-scale integration of wind power represents a challenge for power system operations planning because wind power 1) cannot be dispatched in the classical sense; and 2) its output varies as weather conditions change. This warrants the investigation of alternative short-term power system operations planning methods capable of better coping with the nature of wind generation while maintaining or even improving the current reliability and economic performance of power systems. To this end, this paper formulates a short-term forward electricity market-clearing problem with stochastic security capable of accounting for nondispatchable and variable wind power generation sources. The principal benefit of this stochastic operation planning approach is that, when compared to a deterministic worst-case scenario planning philosophy, it allows greater wind power penetration without sacrificing security.

CURBING emissions of greenhouse gases causing global warming is currently one of the most pressing issues facing the electricity generation sector in industrialized nations. To that end, several continental European countries, most notably Denmark, Germany, and Spain, are increasing the level of penetration of renewable and low carbon electricity generation resources, wind power generation (WPG) being the prime resource. The United Kingdom, although lagging its continental counterparts, is committed to cover 10% of its electricity demand from renewable resources by 2010 and to reach the 20% mark by 2020 [1]. In North America, although federal authorities in both the United States and Canada have been less proactive in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions [2], [3], several state and provincial jurisdictions have taken steps to increase the penetration of WPG and other renewable generation technologies

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