1. anjan kumar

    please send me new papers in electronic

  2. Dharmendra kumar

    Hi Sir goodmorning
    This is dharmendra Kumar I would like to do PhD in CSE.please give which area better and value and help for society and all .
    Thankyou sir

    • Guru

      There are some emerging technologies in cse and good for phd like blockchain, chatbot, bigdata, cloud computing, image processing, artificial intelligence
      And all of the above can target application in automation, health, industries .
      Few suggestion
      1. Early heart attack or cancer prediction using AI and big data
      2. Real time multicast video processing
      3. Security in cloud computing
      4. Early weather prediction using data mining and AI
      Have a look on these software topics
      The most important for phd is your guide, and your interest area.

  3. Nagraj

    Application of artificial intelligence in Microcontroller

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