computer aided process engineering

Distributed and collaborative computer – aided environments in process engineering design
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Abstract n-dim is a computer environment to support collaborative design. It is also a history capturing mechanism for complex corporate activities such as design. We first discuss the use of information modeling to aid these processes and then outline relevant attributes of n

Computer aided machine-building technological process planning by the methods of concurrent engineering
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Development and introduction of the integrated application management systems of the science-intensive production are the main factor of the economy growing in the industrially- developed countries. The globalization and competition in the machine-building industry

Computer aided process engineering for sustainability analysis of food production
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We propose a dedicated tool that permits the evaluation of food production process sustainability, in particular virgin olive oil process . It is based on an integrated process – product-enterprise (P²E) approach that allows systematically taking into account sustainable Guided tissue regeneration is gaining importance in the field of orthopaedic tissue engineering as need and technology permits the development of site-specific engineering approaches. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) hybridized

Agent-based computer – aided process engineering
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This paper deals with the design process of component-based simulation. It relies on CAPEOPEN interoperability standard. We first propose an ontology (named OntoCAPE) to represent the domain knowledge. We then introduce an agent-based architecture to support

Application of the Extended Discrete Element Method (XDEM) in Computer – Aided Process Engineering
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A novel technique referred to as Extended Discrete Element Method (XDEM) is developed, that offers a significant advancement for coupled discrete and continuous numerical simulation concepts. The Extended Discrete Element Method extends the dynamics of

systems approach in future undergraduate chemical engineering education curriculum: illustration via computer – aided process simulation laboratory exercises
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In this work, we explicitly incorporate the principles espoused by the systems approach as an essential component in the ongoing movement to revamp the undergraduate chemical engineering curricula in response to major transformations that have taken place within the

Study regarding the data assembling process for computer aided engineering applications
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The creation of the computer based models in engineering may lead to the creation of a system of equations which must be solved. There are several examples in structural studies when either analytic approaches or numerical methods are producing systems of equations

Opportunities for agent-based models in computer aided process engineering
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When considering process systems as socio-technical systems there is a need for computer models that can describe their full complexity. The Agent Based Model (ABM) paradigm promises to offer new modelling methods and tools that can complement the well

of host publication: Proceedings of the 25th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering
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General information State: Published Organisations: Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering , CAPEC- PROCESS Authors: Gernaey, KV (Intern), Huusom, JK (Intern), Gani, R. (Intern) Pages: xix xx Publication date: 2015 Host publication information Title of host

Computer – aided modelling for efficient and innovative product- process engineering
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This thesis is submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The work presented has been carried out at the Computer Aided Process -Product Engineering Center (CAPEC) at the

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Computer Aided Process Engineering is one sector in the field of Process Engineering defining all what is process related and computer assisted. It starts from the molecular modelling and passes through computation of physical or chemical properties, mathematical

Advanced sensitivity and uncertainty analysis for computer – aided process engineering
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This abstract is submitted for the keynote PSE-session. This contribution provides a perspective on advanced sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and the important role they play in computer – aided process engineering from process understanding, to risk-based

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