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Disconnected operation service in mobile grid computing
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In this paper, we discuss on the extension of grid computing systems in mobile computing
environments, where mobile devices can be effectively incorporated into the grid either as
service recipients or as more valuable service providers. First, based on the present grid 

A parameter-based approach to resource discovery in Grid computing systems
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M Maheswaran, K Krauter  Grid Computing—GRID 2000, 2000 ,Springer
A Grid system is essentially an infrastructure that allows location independent access to the
resources and services that are provided by geographically distributed machines and
networks. One of the fundamental operations needed to support location-independent 

 A QoS guided scheduling algorithm for grid computing
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X He, X Sun, G Laszewski ,Proceedings of the International Workshop on , 2002 ,
Abstract Task scheduling is an integrated component of computing. With the emergence of
grid and ubiquitous computing, newer challenges have arisen in task scheduling. Unlike
traditional parallel computing, grid is a shared enterprising environment where is no 

 A framework for resource allocation in grid computing
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Abstract Grid computing is the future computing paradigm for enterprise applications. An
enterprise application running on a grid is composed of a set of SLA-constrained sub-tasks
demanding different types of services and resources such as processors, data storages, 

SABUL: A transport protocol for grid computing
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This paper describes SABUL, an application-level data transfer protocol for data-intensive
applications over high bandwidth-delay product networks. SABUL is designed for reliability,
high performance, fairness and stability. It uses UDP to transfer data and TCP to return 

 Enabling player-created online worlds with grid computing and streaming
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P Rosedale, C Ondrejka ,Gamasutra Resource Guide, 2003 ,
The hours and intensity with which players engage in games makes for very fast
consumption of content. Players rapidly feel out the design space of games, requiring
creators to adopt strategies to provide tremendous amounts of content for the user to 

 Bayanihan computing .NET: Grid computing with XML web services
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LFG Sarmenta, SJV Chua, P Echevarria , Computing and the , 2002 ,
XML web services are a new technology that promises greater ease-of-use and
interoperability than previous distributed computing technologies such as DCOM, CORBA,
and RMI, through the use of industry-standard XML protocols such as SOAP, WSDL, and 

 Beyond the” Device as Portal”: Meeting the Requirements of Wireless and Mobile Devices in the Legion Grid Computing System
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Abstract Grid computing is an emerging paradigm in which resources in multiple
organizations are combined into a single, seamless computing environment. As the storage,
processing, and networking capabilities of wireless and mobile devices continue to 

 Distributed dynamic scheduling of composite tasks on grid computing systems
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H Chen, M Maheswaran ,Proceedings of the 11th IEEE , 2002 ,
Abstract This paper examines the issue of dynamically scheduling applications on a wide-
area network computing system. We construct a simulation model for wide-area task
allocation problem and study the performance of the proposed algorithm under different 

 Daonity: grid security with behaviour conformity from trusted computing
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China ABSTRACT A central security requirement for grid computing can be referred
to as behaviour conformity.  problems. Trusted Computing (TC) technology can add
to grid computing the needed property of behaviour conformity. 

 Enabling applications for grid computing with Globus
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B Jacob, L Ferreira, N Bieberstein, C Gilzean ,Redbook, IBM, , 2003 ,
This IBM® Redbook is the second in a planned series of redbooks addressing grid 
computing. In the first redbook, Introduction to Grid Computing with Globus, SG24-6895, grid
concepts and the Globus Toolkit were introduced. In this redbook, we build on those 

Transparent grid computing: a knowledge-based approach
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Abstract Grid computing provides key infrastructure for distributed problem solving in
dynamic virtual organizations. It has been adopted by many scientific projects, and industrial
interest is rising rapidly. However, Grids are still the domain of a few highly trained 

A generic deployment framework for grid computing and distributed applications
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Deployment of distributed applications on large systems, and especially on grid
infrastructures, becomes a more and more complex task. Grid users spend a lot of time to
prepare, install and configure middleware and application binaries on nodes, and 

FOBS: A lightweight communication protocol for grid computing
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P Dickens ,Euro-Par 2003 Parallel Processing, 2003 ,Springer
In this paper, we discuss our work on developing an efficient, lightweight application-level
communication protocol for the high-bandwidth, high-delay network environments typical of
computational grids. The goal of this research is to provide congestion-control algorithms 

A synchronous co-allocation mechanism for grid computing systems
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F Azzedin, M Maheswaran, N Arnason ,Cluster Computing, 2004 ,Springer
Grid computing systems are emerging as a computing infrastructure that will enable the use
of wide-area network computing systems for a variety of challenging applications. One of
these is the ever increasing demand for multimedia from users engaging in a wide range 

Dynamic adaptation for grid computing
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J Buisson, F André, JL Pazat ,Advances in Grid Computing-EGC 2005, 2005 ,Springer
As Grid architectures provide resources that fluctuate, applications that should be run on
such environments must be able to take into account the changes that may occur. This
document describes how applications can be built from components that may dynamically