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Artificial Intelligence Based Dynamic Strain Measurement System on FPGA
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ABSTRACT In this paper, design of Dynamic Strain Measurement System on FPGA using Wiznet is presented. Dynamic strain measurement system is used to overcome the traditional strain measurement system which has the disadvantages such as large

Artificial Intelligence Robotically Assisted Brain Surgery
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ABSTRACT Artificial Intelligence is both the intelligence of machine, electronics and the branch of Computer which aim to create it. AI has produced many significant and impressive products even at this early stage in its development. Although no one can predict the

Artificial Intelligence Approach for Project Portfolio Management
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ABSTRACT Most of Information Technology (IT) projects do not succeed and reach their objectives. This fact is due to the challenging nature of IT project management. IT project management suffers from high complexity, uncertainty and nonlinearity. This research is

Generality in artificial intelligence
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Another symptom is no one knows how to make a general database of common sense knowledge that could be used by any program that needed the knowledge. Along with other information, such a database would contain what a robot would need to know about the

Locating Hubs in Transport Networks: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
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ABSTRACT Hub facilities serve as switching and transshipment points in transportation and communication networks as well as in logistic systems. Hub networks have an influence on flows on the hub-to-hub links and ensure benefit from economies of scale in inter-hub

Supporting Global Collective Intelligence via Artificial Intelligence
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Advances of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of nature-inspired computational methodologies and approaches to address complex problems of the real world applications to which traditional methodologies and approaches are ineffective or infeasible. AI methods and techniques,

Comparison an artificial intelligence-based model and other models: signalized intersection delay estimates
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ABSTRACT This paper presents an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), which has been adapted as an alternative to other classical models for estimating the vehicle delays at signalized junctions. Rules, fuzzification, and inference were modeled by ANFIS. In this

Temporal Modeling in Clinical Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and Cognitive Computing: Empirical Exploration of Practical Challenges
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Abstract Temporal modeling holds great promise for healthcare, where treatment decisions must be made over time, and where continually re-evaluating ongoing treatment is critical to optimizing clinical care for individual patients. Tremendous advances have been made in

Artificial Intelligence: From programs to solvers
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Artificial Intelligence is a brain child of Alan Turing and his universal programmable computer. During the 1960s and 1970s, AI researchers used computers for exploring intuitions about intelligence and for writing programs displaying intelligent behavior. A

Artificial Intelligence Technique based Reactive Power Planning Incorporating FACTS Controllers in Real Time Power Transmission System
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ABSTRACT Reactive Power Planning is a major concern in the operation and control of power systems This paper compares the effectiveness of Evolutionary Programming (EP) and New Improved Differential Evolution (NIMDE) to solve Reactive Power Planning (RPP) problem

Evaluation the Ability of Different Artificial Intelligence-Based Modeling Techniques in Prediction of Yield Using Energy Inputs Data of Farms
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ABSTRACT Modelling of farm output yield on the basis of input energies will help to improve the energy efficiently of agricultural practice. In this study the ability of various types of artificial neural networks and Neuro-fuzzy inference models were evaluated and the

Soft Computing in Artificial Intelligence
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This book explores the concept of artificial intelligence based on knowledge-based algorithms. Given the current hardware and software technologies and artificial intelligence theories, we can think of how efficient to provide a solution, how best to implement a

Alan Turing and the development of Artificial Intelligence
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During the centennial year of his birth Alan Turing (1912–1954) has been widely celebrated as having laid the foundations for Computer Science, Automated Decryption, Systems Biology and the Turing Test. In this paper we investigate Turing's motivations and

Artificial Intelligence and Multi Agent Systems Project Report: Vehicle Models, Formation Keeping and Obstacle Avoidance
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Abstract This project consisted of implementing different vehicle models such as differential and car drives and applying them to formation keeping and navigation between two points while avoiding obstacles. This was accomplished by using control theory methods, Dubin

Artificial Intelligence and Pro-Social Behaviour
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Abstract If artificial intelligence (AI) were achievable, what would the consequences be for human society 1 Perhaps surprisingly, the answer to this question is already at hand. We are achieving rapid and accelerating success in our quest to build AI. That very success

An occupant behavior model based on artificial intelligence for energy building simulation
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Abstract Occupants have influence on buildings performances due to their presence and their behavior towards indoor environmental conditions controls. However, most building energy models consider occupants in an over-simplified way. Many experiences

Emotion-Based Interactive Storytelling with Artificial Intelligence
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Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques have been widely used in video games to control non-playable characters. More recently, AI has been applied to automated story generation and game-mastering: managing the player's experience in an interactive

Robotics and artificial intelligence: A perspective on deliberation functions
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Despite a very strong synergy between Robotics and AI at their early beginning, the two fields progressed widely apart in the following decades. However, we are witnessing a revival of interest in the fertile domain of embodied machine intelligence. This is due in

Music Recommender System CS365: Artificial Intelligence
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Abstract In this project, we have designed, implemented and analyzed a song recommendation system. We used Million Song Dataset provided by Kaggle to find correlations between users and songs and to learn from the previous listening history of

Intrusion Detection Based On Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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Abstract Information technology has become a main component to support critical infrastructure services in various sectors of our society. In effort to share information and streamline operations, organizations are creating complex networked systems and

Effort Estimation for Object-Oriented System Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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ABSTRACT Software effort estimation is a vital task in software engineering. The importance of effort estimation becomes critical during early stage of the software life cycle when the details of the software have not been revealed yet. The effort involved in developing a

Argumentation and Artificial Intelligence
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Abstract This chapter is devoted to contributions to the field of argumentation as developed in the field of artificial intelligence. In the last two decades, a community has been formed that addresses issues in argumentation theory focusing on methods and problems as

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Abstract In a world reached a population of six billion humans increasingly demand it for food, feed with a water shortage and the decline of agricultural land and the deterioration of the climate needs 1.5 billion hectares of agricultural land and in case of failure to combat

The Transformation of the Workplace Through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation
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The workforce is undergoing a radical transformation. While industrial automation, computer programming, and data storage have been integral to the modern workplace for decades, a number of factors in recent years have spurred the evolution of modern robotics, AI, and

Tweety: A Comprehensive Collection of Java Libraries for Logical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation
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Abstract This paper presents Tweety, an open source project for scientific experimentation on logical aspects of artificial intelligence and particularly knowledge representation. Tweety provides a general framework for implementing and testing knowledge representation

Application of Artificial Intelligence on Black Shale Lithofacies Prediction in Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin
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Abstract Organic-rich shale lithofacies, primarily defined by mineral composition and organic matter richness, reflects the features of the two critical factors for unconventional shale reservoirs. The research of shale lithofacies can aid in identifying shale gas productive

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Abstract What percentages of original human organs in a human body constitute a human as an authentic human being In other words, if we have the ability to manipulate our level of bodily augmentation by substituting original body parts with artificial organs, what is the

Implications of Ad Hoc Artificial Intelligence in Music
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Abstract This paper is an examination of several well-known applications of artificial intelligence in music generation. The algorithms in EMI, GenJam, WolframTones, and Swarm Music are examined in pursuit of ad hoc modifications. Based on these programs,

A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Discrete Optimal Power Flow
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a hybrid immune and simulated annealing algorithm (HISA) to solve equivalent current injection based optimal power flow problem with both continuous and discrete control variables, which is known as discrete optimal power flow (DOPF).

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ABSTRACT Manual golf-balls collecting in indoor driving ranges is a tedious task. The objective of this paper is to propose a method that contributes to automate the golf-balls collecting in indoor driving ranges. This method applies Mathematical Morphology and Artificial

Fundamental Engineering to Design and Implement Facial Expression, Emotions Recognition and Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) in Humanoid Robotics
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ABSTRACT Today human-like emotions and expressions in humanoid robots are only possible in sci-fi movies based on central idea of humanoid robotics, but in reality with practical status, we are so far from these. Practically it seems to be difficult and huge engineering

Hybrid Wind System for Generation of Constant Power Using Artificial IntelligenceTechnique
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ABSTRACT The main aim of our paper is to generate constant power by using artificial intelligence technique in the wind mills. This paper describe about the using of external motor in the Wind Mill in case of fluctuation.. The wind mill is connected to the voltage and

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Abstract In this paper, the effect of some impurities (MnO2, NiO, Ce2O3, La2O3) on the behavior of polycrystalline semiconductors (ZnO varistors) has been studied. We have built an experimental database between the concentration of these impurities and the value of

An Artificial Intelligence Approach for the Solid Waste Collection Problem
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ABSTRACT Solid waste collection (SWC) is an important issue in waste management. In addition to reducing the collection time of vehicles, the workload balance among vehicles is also important to schedule the routes of SWC. It is well known that the SWC problem is NP

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The Optimal Sliding Mode Controller Design of Buck Converter using Artificial IntelligenceTechniques.
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Abstract This paper presents the design of a sliding mode control of a buck converter using the artificial intelligence techniques. According to the advantages of the averaging model derived from the generalized state-space averaging method, it was used as the objective

Checkmate or should we say'tsumi': The role of shogi in research on artificial intelligenceand cognitive science
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The victory by the computer dubbed'Deep Blue over world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997 was a turning point for computer scientists in general, and artificial intelligence experts, in particular. Such computer programs for board games rely on powerful heuristic

qSym, qMobius, qMargi, qMean and qJennings, 5 Code Generators for Generating Quantum Circuits that Perform Some Artificial Intelligence Related Tasks
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Abstract This paper introduces v1. 6 of qSym, qMobius, qMargi, qMean and qJennings, which are 5 Java applications available for free.(Source code included in the distribution.) The algorithms implemented by these 5 applications have been discussed in previous

Intelnics-The artificial intelligence company
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Neural networks have found a wide range of applications, which include function regression, pattern recognition, time series prediction, optimal control, optimal shape design or inverse problems. A neural network can learn either from data sets or from mathematical models.

Hydraulic-hydrologic model for the Zambezi River using satellite data and artificial intelligence techniques
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Abstract The Zambezi River Basin (ZRB), in Africa, spreads over some unfathomable 1 370 000 km2. In all its magnificence it is home to approximately 30 million inhabitants, harbors a number of priceless wildlife sites and has an estimated hydro power production

Fault Diagnosis of Inclined Edge Cracked Cantilever Beam Using Vibrational Analysis andArtificial Intelligence Techniques
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Abstract Damage is one of the vital characteristics in structural analysis because of safety cause as well as economic prosperity of the industries. Identification of faults in dynamic structures and components are a significant aspect in judgment creating about

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The role of artificial intelligence in today's society is constantly growing. Famous artificial agents such as Watson and Siri help us with navigation, restaurant recommendations, and even medical evaluation. Although these poster-childs of the artificial intelligence industry

FCA in Artificial Intelligence: State of the Art and Perspectives
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Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) is well-founded mathematical theory which has been widely used for many AI needs such as software engineering, knowledge processing, ontology engineering etc. This is a survey paper in which we analyze recent literature on FCA and

Marketing decision support using Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Modeling: application to tourist destination management
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Abstract Knowledge-based information systems are advanced tools in the hands of the marketer, enabling him to take evidence-based decisions in complex situations. In this paper, advanced data analysis, neural networks and knowledge representation

Artificial Intelligence Based DAM Monitoring and Water Quality Measurement System
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ABSTRACT In order to enhance reliability and safety procedures of the dam, it is very important to gather dam behavior data in real-time monitoring system. The main aim to implement the automatic

Advanced Artificial Intelligence, DT4048
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George Boole (1815–1864) introduces a way to reduce propositional logic to algerbaic manipulation Propositional logic had been studies since Aristotle provides a foundation for formalizing deductive reasoning today, used to automate such reasoning in AI

Artificial Intelligence and Multi Agent Systems Project Report: Search and Pursuit
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Abstract This project consisted of implementing solutions for the vehicle routing problem and pursuit-evasion on arbitrary environments with the focus on using multiple car-like agents. It was assumed that the car has a complete field of view. This was accomplished by

Current Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence
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the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The key notion of AI is knowledge which is an object, a mean and an aim of modeling. However, there are still questions concerning the notion of knowledge, its processing and the evaluation of the

Artificial General Intelligence: Concept, State of the Art, and Future Prospects
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Abstract In recent years broad community of researchers has emerged, focusing on the original ambitious goals of the AI field–the creation and study of software or hardware systems with general intelligence comparable to, and ultimately perhaps greater than, that

Synthesis of Custom Hardware from ADA with Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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Digital microelectronics found in embedded, high-performance and portable computing systems have highly complex components, design hierarchy and interconnections. During the last couple of decades, commercial and academic organisations have invested in HLS

Talking to Siri Empowers the Machine Uprising: Measures of Today's Artificial IntelligenceBeyond Turing
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ABSTRACT When Alan Turing developed the Turing Test, he simply asked the question: Can machines think Since the test's development, many machines have successfully passed the Turing Test and are deemed to be intelligent computers. In this

The performance of comedy by artificial intelligence agents
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Abstract The PhD project is composed of two parts: a creative project (thirty-five per cent of the total research project); and an exegesis (sixty-five per cent). The creative project employs a pair of chat-bots, natural language processing artificial intelligence agents, to

Utilizing Cross-Domain Cognitive Mechanisms for Modeling Aspects of Artificial GeneralIntelligence
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Abstract In this era of increasingly rapid availability of resources of all kinds, a widespread need to characterize, filtrate, use, and evaluate what could be necessary and useful becomes a crucially vital everyday task. Neither research in the field of artificial

Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods of Tool Path Optimization in CNC Machines: A Review
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ABSTRACT Today, in most of metal machining process, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools have been very popular due to their efficiencies and repeatability to achieve high accuracy positioning. One of the factors that govern the productivity is the tool path

Future progress in artificial intelligence: A survey of expert opinion
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ABSTRACT There is, in some quarters, concern about high–level machine intelligence and superintelligent AI coming up in a few decades, bringing with it significant risks for humanity. In other quarters, these issues are ignored or considered science fiction. We wanted to

Human-Level Artificial Intelligence: One for the Future
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Abstract In order to create a system with human-level intelligence companies spend Billions of dollars each year in Research. Most researchers in artificial intelligence, along with the institutions that support them, advocate that AI research should conform to normal

On improving failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) from different artificial intelligence approaches.
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Analysis (FMEA) from the point of view of different artificial intelligence approaches. After discussing the main drawbacks of the traditional methodology and summarize the main techniques recommended for its improvement in the recent literature, three techniques of

Artificial Intelligence in Design: An Overview
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We are pleased to report that this JCISE special issue on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Design attracted about forty submissions with more than a hundred coauthors! These numbers speak volumes about the importance and vigor of AI in Design as an interdisciplinary field

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence for Best Moves using Chessboard
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ABSTRACT Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. This is an application of Artificial Intelligence. Initially a chessboard with sensors are used for the playing. This is then displayed in the screen.

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It should be noted that from now onthe system means not the nervous system but the whole complex of the organism and the environment. Thus, if it should be shown thatthe system has some property, it must not be assumed that this property is attributed to the

Multidisciplinary role of Artificial Intelligence in allied fields
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ABSTRACT Artificial intelligence is a computer science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behavior. The development of intelligent computer integrated manufacturing systems, automated machines, robot path planning, satellite controlling, intelligent tutoring

Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence
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The International Conference on Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence (ICNNAI) started its history in October 1999 in Brest, Belarus. Since then, conferences have been held in

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems
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This volume of Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) includes the accepted papers presented at the 9th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems (HAIS 2014) held in the beautiful and historic city of Salamanca, Spain, in June 2014.

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ABSTRACT The objective of this paper is to present a proposal for usability evaluation in terms of an Expert System for diet control using Artificial Intelligence. It also uses fuzzy logic to make reviews of a diet menu in the system. It is expected that the proposed method

Rock Mass Constitutive Model Identification Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
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Abstract The Identification of rock constitutive model is a typical problem of nonlinear system analysis. The research on this problem has been greatly developed by the introduction of some intelligent methods. In this paper, genetic algorithm, BP neural

Convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Neural Network and Evolutionary Computing
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a new perspective of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Although, number of attempts has been made to make an artifact intelligent, including evolution theory, neural network etc and a number of problems have been solved using these concepts but

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Information Retrieval
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Artificial Intelligence ? Study of how to construct intelligent machinessystems that can simulate or extend the development of human intelligence.Seeking Information:

Artificial Intelligence for Public Affairs Reporting
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Abstract In this paper, I describe the software system developed to support an investigative story series about textbooks missing from Philadelphia public schools. The software model, which is derived from an expert system, can be used as a template for

Artificial Intelligence in Hypertension Diagnosis: A Review
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ABSTRACT Artificial Intelligence methods are becoming very popular in medical applications due to high reliability and ease. From the past decades, Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Expert Systems, Robotics etc have found an

Application of artificial intelligence technique to economic load dispatch of thermal power generation unit
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ABSTRACT Economic Dispatch (ED) is one of the main problem of power system operation and control which determines the optimal real power settings of generating units with an objective of minimizing the total fuel cost, subjected to limits on generator real power

Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management
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AI4KM (Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management) was the first workshop organized by IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) group TC12. 6 (Knowledge Management) in partnership with ECAI (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence).

Path Planning in AI (Artificial Intelligence)
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Abstract This paper presents a technique of designing a wide path motion heuristic path in robots using artificial intelligence in 2D scenario, ie, using simulations. The simulation results done in C++ show the effectiveness of the method used. Keywords:

Application of Artificial Intelligence for Fluid Typing using Calibrated Compositional Data
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Abstract Identifying the type of fluid that will be produced at surface is a significant reservoir characterization challenge that is prone to error and uncertainty in exploration environment. It usually requires rigorous treatment of equation of state coupled with phase envelopes

An Overview on Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Effective Security Management
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ABSTRACT The use of artificial intelligence gives new height for human being in today's world. The different artificial intelligence techniques give rise to important application areas where human processing ability weakens. Nowadays the security is important key

Methods of Artificial Intelligence for Prediction and Prevention Crisis Situations in Banking Systems
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a support vector machine has been studied due to prediction of bank crisis. To prevent outcomes of crisis situations, artificial neural networks have been characterized as applied to stock market investments, as well as to test the credibility of

Artificial Intelligence (Toolbox)
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Automated reasoning on the accessible sources of heterogeneous data? Management of the complexity, heterogeneity and dynamics of the systems operating in this world by increasing their decision autonomy? AI is one of the pillars of computer science that

On Accuracy of Demand Forecasting and Its Extension to Demand Composition Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence Based Methods
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ABSTRACT Accurate prediction of the load plays an indispensable role in power system planning and electricity market analysis. Load forecasting based on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques received a significant attention in the past and it is rapidly developing because

Artificial Intelligence Mechanisms on Interactive Modified Simplex Method withDesirability Function for OptimisingSurface Lapping Process
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Abstract In the present work, a study has been made to optimise the influential parameters of surface lapping process. It intends to introduce a finely ground flat on a disk clamp, to remove material from the disk contact radius and to provide the satisfied dimension of the

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ABSTRACT In recent years, fossil fuel serves as major resource for generating electricity. Solar power is pollution free and available at any place on the earth. Wind energy is basically harnessing of wind power to produce electricity. The proposed method is a

On the Relationship between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
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ABSTRACT Robotics and Artificial Intelligence stand as two disciplines related to computer science. Robotics aims at building robots which autonomously perceive,(eventually) reason and act (eg, communicate) in real physical environments. AI aims at representing

A Critical Conceptual Analysis of Definitions of Artificial Intelligence as Applicable to Computer Engineering
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ABSTRACT The purpose of artificial intelligence is to acquire knowledge of required subject. Knowledge acquisition involves knowledge of dark energy (74% of universe), knowledge of dark matter (22%) and knowledge of visible matter (4%). This knowledge can be gathered

Artificial Intelligence in Power Systems
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ABSTRACT A continuous and reliable supply of electricity is necessary for the functioning of today's modern and advanced society. Since the early to mid 1980s, most of the effort in power systems analysis has turned away from the methodology of formal mathematical

Developing Artificial Intelligence by Modelling the Brain
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ABSTRACT The best way to develop a truly intelligent system is to use the known properties of the only intelligent system that we know: humans. We have a great deal of understanding of neural function, a reasonable idea of overall brain topology, and a broad understanding of

Artificial Intelligence Application's for a Robot Manipulator with Two Degrees of Freedom Position Control
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Abstract In this present work we present a new approach for a robot manipulator with two degrees of freedom based on the intelligent adaptative fuzzy PID, Parameters which guide the functioning of Proportional Integral Derivative controller are dynamically adjusted with

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Abstract The process of creating knowledge components which allow preventing the formation of defects in metal products was described. Components are the result of the integration of knowledge from databases containing information on defects in castings,

Artificial Intelligence Based Task Mapping and Pipelined Scheduling for Checkpointing on Real Time Systems with Imperfect Fault Detection
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ABSTRACT Fault-tolerance is emerging as one of the important optimization objectives for designs in deep submicron technology nodes. This paper proposes a technique of application mapping and scheduling with check pointing on a multiprocessor system to

Comparison of Stochastic Modelling With Artificial Intelligence Based Approach to Forecast the Electrical Load
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ABSTRACT Accurate load forecasting is very important for electric utilities in planning for new plants. Also it is very significant for the routine of maintaining, scheduling daily, electrical generation, and loads. In this study, emphasis was considered on short-term load

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in INFOSEC Tasks and Applications
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Abstract Today, Information and System Security is one of the most challenging areas of research and development in modern communication. More than ever, information has immeasurable value. In data communication systems, data security is of prime concern.

A Review on Applications of Artificial Intelligence-Based Models to Estimate Suspended Sediment Load
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V Nourani ABSTRACT Undeniably application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown increasingly through past years. Hydrology also has its portion of utilization of AI-based models. Among different parts of hydrology, Suspended Sediment Load (SSL) estimation plays an important role

Research on energy consumption in the city. A system of modelling potential for energy effectiveness using artificial intelligence
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ABSTRACT The article presents indicators and units used in research on energy consumption in buildings. It also refers to the parameters of energy characteristics of buildings which have to be introduced into the Polish law according to a directive by the European Union (

Evaluating ReliefF-based Multi-label Feature Selection Algorithms , published in the proceedings of the Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence (
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TABULATED RESULTS Table I describes basic information from the 72 publications selected by the systematic literature review process [20]. Table II shows, for each dataset, the number k of nearest neighbors which maximizes the Example-based F-measure of the

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, SOFT Computing and Informatics
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. A. Ferrero REGULAR PAPERS Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, SOFT Computing and Informatics Support Vector Regression-Based Data Integration Method for Multipath

Application of Artificial Intelligence on Classification of Attacks in IP Telephony
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ABSTRACT The paper deals with classification of attacks in IP telephony based on the multilayer perceptron neural network. Current analysis of these attacsk is typically based on statistical methods such as Hellinger-Distance, Holt-Winters or Brutlag's algorithm. The

Condition Monitoring of Arrow Dynamic and Drive Train in Wind Turbine using Artificial Intelligence
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ABSTRACT In order to be economically competitive, various control systems are used in Wind turbine. These systems makes the wind turbine to work efficiently and produce maximum output at different speed. In this paper an adaptive control based on radial-basis function

A Citation Source Study In Artificial Intelligence
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Abstract In a competitive academic landscape, the perceived influence of their publications has long been a major factor in determining the career success of researchers. Further, not all publication platforms are created equal, with certain venues unavoidably

Teaching Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
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Abstract The question of how to make good students has been couched in a number of different terms over the years. However, there seems to be general consensus that Reflective Learning (RL) and higher-order thinking (HT) have a role to play. In particular, it

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Abstract A research article ABSTRACT is the first part a reader examines to decide to keep reading the article, because it is a concise summary of the research article. The present study was aimed at exploring the rhetorical moves and the verb tense of each move of

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ABSTRACT Reinforcement and evolutionary algorithms have been applied with a variety of features and parameters to predict the earthquake in the past. Normal artificial intelligence practices have contributed a significantly in determining the possibility of potential natural

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ABSTRACT Data Mining is the method of extracting hidden information from large volumes of raw data and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. The data mining technique named as clustering is used for finding patterns in unsystematic and large data.

Solar tracking System using artificial Intelligence
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Many human mental activities such as writing computer programs, doing mathematics, engaging in commonsense reasoning, understanding language, and even driving an

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ABSTRACT In modern optical communication system, the efficiency of system can be improved either by increasing the parameters value or by decreasing the losses. A fuzzy control system is a real time expert system, implementing a part of human operator's or process

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F Kostic, V Ognjenovic, I Berkovic Chief and responsible editor ABSTRACT There is a growing need for solving nondeterministic problems. This need has influenced research in the field of artificial intelligence. Support vector machines, nonlinear Kernel methods in particular, have been proved to be the most accurate methods currently

Artificial Intelligence and Radar Target Tracking
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Abstract An airborne ground looking radar sensor's performance may be enhanced by selecting and modifying algorithms adaptively as the environment changes. A brief presentation of an airborne intelligent radar system (AIRS) is provided. A description of the

Artificial Intelligence Control Applied in Wind Energy Conversion System
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ABSTRACT This work presents a field oriented control (FOC) of active and reactive power applied on Doubly Fed Induction Machine (DFIM) integrated in wind energy conversion system (WECS). The main objective of this work is to compare the performances of energy

LANGUAGE technologies is an area of computer science, more specifically, of artificial intelligence, devoted to the
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technologies is an area of computer science, more specifically, of artificial intelligence, devoted to the computational analysis of human language, in its written or spoken form, and the corresponding practical applications in which computers reasonably

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Abstract Mind has been among the most intriguing and complex cognitive faculties to know. We see a long tradition of inquiries in the field of religion, philosophy, psychology, linguistics and also in cognitive science to understand the nature, characteristics and

New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
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The JSAI-isAI (JSAI International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence)-2013 was the 5th international symposium on AI supported by the Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI). JSAI-isAI was successfully held during October 27th to 28th at Keio

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Noise prediction techniques are considered to be an important tool for evaluating costeffective noise control measures so that, more acceptable situations can be finally obtained in workrooms. One of the most important issues in this regard is the development

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ABSTRACT In wireless Sensor Networks, to estimate the accurate physical location of the sensor nodes is known as localization. Localization plays a critical role in various applications like tracking, battlefield, intrusion detection, medical surveillance etc. TDOA

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ABSTRACT It investigates long-term tracking of unknown objects in a video stream. The object is defined by its location and extent in a single frame. The task is to determine the object's location and extent or indicate that the object is not present. We propose a novel tracking

Expert System-Knowledge Management Systems under Artificial Intelligence
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Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science, which focuses on the development of computer systems to simulate the processes of problem solving and duplicate human brain functions. It is the science and engineering of making intelligent

Knowledge Based RobotSystem for Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Personal Computer Using Artificial Intelligence Rete Algorithm
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ABSTRACT In the information and artificial intelligence age personal computer is the most popular communicating device that can be used in our day to day life. In fact most of the computer users are not skilful enough when it comes to the area of troubleshooting a

Interpolation the Missing Data of Air Temperature by Using Artificial Intelligence for Selected Iraqi Weather Stations
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Abstract In this work, a branch of artificial intelligence was employed to predict the monthly mean of daily air temperature for different target station using the available data of neighboring stations, which were used as the reference stations. The daily air temperature

A Review on Transformer Design Optimization and Performance Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
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ABSTRACT Transformers are the heart of electrical transmission and distribution systems. The aim of transformer design is to obtain the dimensions of all parts of the transformer in order to supply these data to the manufacturer. The transformer should be designed in a manner

Modelling of Artificial Intelligence Based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
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Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are deployed where human reach is difficult of even impossible WSN are responsible for measuring data in the environment in which they are deployed. So it is meaningless if the location data is unavailable. Many localization

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Abstract This paper presents the use of one of the methods of artificial intelligence to study the automatic generation control of interconnected power systems. In this paper, the AGC system investigated consists of four equal area reheat thermal systems. The load

Senses: A Scrutiny of Ethical Standards from the Perspective of Humanoid Robots in the light of Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence and Shankar's Robot .
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ABSTRACT It seems fascinating to know about a human being who is immortal, forever young with no aphrodisiacal powers but works with a complex network of wires and chips. The crack of dawn of the new millennium has resurrected countless potentials of Homo-

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Abstract We present in this paper the simulation results of the speed control of a 3 levels inverter fed induction machine controlled by the Direct Torque Control with application of artificial intelligence techniques both the fuzzy logic (DTC_FL) and the neural network (

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ABSTRACT In an analog-circuit fault diagnostic system based on back propagation neural networks using SOM, principal component analysis, and data normalization as preprocessors. The system has the capability to detect and identify faulty components in

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Intelligence the capacity to learn and solve problems . It is the ability to solve novel problems, the ability to act rationally, the ability to act like humans. Artificial Intelligencebuild and understand intelligent entities or agents. It is the science and engineering of making

Conceptual Parallels Between Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science: Artificial Intelligence, Human Intuition, and Rationality
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Research in the cognitive sciences is founded on the assumption that the brain is, essentially, a very complex kind of computer an information processing organ that instantiates ABSTRACT computational operations over formal symbolic structures. This

Advantage of Artificial Intelligence Technique in Discriminating Inrush and Fault Condition for Power Transformer Protection
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ABSTRACT Transformers are key components for electrical energy transfer in power system. Stability and security of transformer protection are important for system operation and we found that many mal-trip cases of transformer protection are caused by inrush current

Dynamic Learning Approach to Artificial Intelligence Based Generated Combat Game Tactics
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ABSTRACT Game (Artificial Intelligence) is defined as the decision making process of computer-controlled opponent in video games. To improve the entertainment value of games, Adaptive game AI can be used to allowing computer-controlled opponents to fix

Combination Forecasting Models Based on Artificial Intelligence Optimization Study and Application A Case Study of Hierarchical Tuberculosis Prevalence
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Abstract Tuberculosis remains a major global health problem despite recent and continued progress in prevention and treatment. In this study, the tuberculosis prevalence rate time series for four World Bank income groups are targeted. Firstly, Kruskal-Wallis

Software Architecture for a System Combining Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Ground Station Scheduling
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ABSTRACT Scheduling of contacts between space vehicles (SVs) and ground stations is of extreme significance since it is essential for data transmission to and from satellites, vehicle maintenance, and orbit tracking and maintenance. We looked at the problem of

Beyond Artificial Intelligence
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This book is an edited collection of chapters based on the papers presented at the conference Beyond AI: Artificial Dreams held in Pilsen in November 2012 as the second in the three-year series of the Beyond AI conferences. The aim of the conference was to

Some Elements for a Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence in the Last Four Centuries
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Abstract. Artificial intelligence (AI) was not born ex nihilo in the mid-fifties of the XXth century. Beyond its immediate roots in cybernetics and in computer science that started about two decades before, its emergence is the result of a long and slow process in the history of

Artificial Intelligence in Advance Manufacturing Technology-A Review Paper on Current Application
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ABSTRACT The modern manufacturing industry in a bid to cope with the challenges of global competition, rapid changing customer requirement and demand for improved productivity, higher product quality, greater flexibility, and lower cost. conventional techniques cannot

Editorial: Risks of General Artificial Intelligence
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ABSTRACT If the general intelligence of artificial systems were to surpass that of humans significantly, this would constitute a significant risk for humanity–so even if we estimate the probability of this event to be fairly low, it is necessary to think about it now. We need to

Artificial Intelligence and Multi Agent Systems-Project
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ABSTRACT This paper has the aim of reporting the ideas and the procedure followed during the modelling and implementation of algorithm of simple movement, formation keeping and obstacle avoidance. The models involved in this report are discrete model, kinematic,

Artificial Intelligence Today
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vast field with immeasurable value due to practical and intellectual reasons. Several different scientific disciplines like Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Computer Science, Linguistics and Cybernetics

Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence in the Developing World
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The developing regions of the world contain most of the human population and the planet's natural resources, and hence are particularly important to the study of sustainability. Despite some difficult problems in such places, a period of enormous technology-driven change

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ABSTRACT This paper reviews about the implementation of neural network in the field of artificial intelligence. The human brain works on the principle of neural networks where electrical impulses are transmitted in the brain through a complex web network of neurons

Artificial intelligence systems for knowledge management in e-health: the study of intelligent software agents.
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ABSTRACT In this paper, authors describe the state of art of e-health artificial intelligence systems and describe and compare the features of the multi-agent systems in e-health. The study is based on theoretical models of multi-agent systems for knowledge management

Solar Irradiance Prediction Using Artificial Intelligence Models and ACO Optimization Algorithm
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Abstract Solar farms are producing considerable portion of the world renewable energy. Since the output power of any solar farm is highly dependent on the solar radiation, the power extracted from a solar park is not always a constant value. In order to have a non-

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ABSTRACT In Electrical drive system, occurrence of any fault may degrade the entire system's performance. Online fault detection plays a vital role in drive system to detect and rectifying the fault in drive systems used in safety critical applications. In this paper, suitable

Speech ability for dumb by pattern recognition using Artificial intelligence
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ABSTRACT Dumbpeople are deprived of speech, which is necessary for communication. Artificial Intelligence helps the dumb people to overcome this difficulty and speak as the normal people do. The process initially makes use of AG-500 Articulograph sensor which

The difference between artificial intelligence and artificial morality
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Abstract Some researchers insist that we should develop artificial systems that can make moral decisions and/or moral actions on their own in order to avoid unpredictable disasters caused by the complex interaction between humans and artificial autonomous agents.

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ABSTRACT This paper presents a digital design of neuron architecture on field-programmable gate array (FPGA). The objective of this project is to translate data from electrochemical sensor signals and process the data with neuron structure on digital hardware. The

Use of artificial intelligence methods to solving problems in oil production industry
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ABSTRACT The general approach to engineering of systems in oil and gas industry from the aspect of their automation and use of information technologies including design and experiment result analysis on the base of mathematical models requires involving newest

Logics in Artificial Intelligence
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These are the proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Logics in Artificial island of Madeira, Portugal, and organized by the University of Madeira and the Centre for

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With the ever increasing competition in the video game industry, the need to engage the user and create a more immersive experience has never been more important if a product is expected to compete on the global market. With the constant increase in computing power

Liability for Crimes Involving Artificial Intelligence Systems
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The idea of liability for crimes involving artificial intelligence systems has not been widely researched yet. Advanced technology makes society face new challenges, not only technological, but legal as well. The idea of criminal liability in the specific context of

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Abstract Membrane bioreactors (MBR) for wastewater treatment, which have increasingly been employed for the last 15 years and which play an important role in wastewater treatment. It is the continuation of the fundamental contribution of sewage water treatment,

The ethical aspects on artificial intelligence
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Abstract This paper presents the role of ethics in developing artificial intelligence, and how the artificial intelligence could change our perspective, because artificial intelligence in fact is all and everything around us. Artificial intelligence is an important part of our life, but

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artificial-intelligence-and robotics


determining-and-monitoring-of-the-therapy-procedures-by-application-of-the artificial-intelligence

engine-idle-speed-system-modelling-and-control-optimization-using artificial-intelligence



auto-associative-gaze-tracking-system-based-on artificial-intelligence


applications-of artificial-intelligence-and-data-mining-techniques-in-soil-modeling

applications-of artificial-intelligence-and-data-mining-techniques-in-soil-modeling-2



adaptive-strategies-in-power-systems-protection-using artificial-intelligence-techniques

logical-foundations-of artificial-intelligence

new-ideas-on-the artificial-intelligence-support-in-military-applications

new-ideas-on-the artificial-intelligence-support-in-military-applications-2

the-role-of artificial-intelligence-knowledge-and-wisdom-in-automatic-image-understanding

the-role-of artificial-intelligence-knowledge-and-wisdom-in-automatic-image-understanding-2



dynamics-of-three-coupled-limit-cycle-oscillators-with-application-to artificial-intelligence

dynamics-of-three-coupled-limit-cycle-oscillators-with-application-to artificial-intelligence-2

towards-ethical-aspects-on artificial-intelligence

towards-ethical-aspects-on artificial-intelligence-2

preference-handling-for artificial-intelligence

preference-handling-for artificial-intelligence-2


affective artificial-intelligence-in-education-from-detection-to-adaptation

the-coming-of-age-of artificial-intelligence-in-medicine

the-coming-of-age-of artificial-intelligence-in-medicine-2

text-classification-using artificial-intelligence

text-classification-using artificial-intelligence-2

survey-of-applications-of artificial-intelligence-algorithms-in-eco-environmental-modelling

survey-of-applications-of artificial-intelligence-algorithms-in-eco-environmental-modelling-2

gis-application-with artificial-intelligence-algorithms-for-an-isoseismic-model

gis-application-with artificial-intelligence-algorithms-for-an-isoseismic-model-2










electronics-artificial-intelligence -2014



on artificial-intelligence-approaches-for-network-intrusion-detection-systems

on artificial-intelligence-approaches-for-network-intrusion-detection-systems-2

condition monitoring of transformer using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence for monitoring and supervisory control of process systems
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the observed feature values with those associated with normal operating conditions either directly expert system with neural networks for fault diagnosis of a transformer; and Prasad research work of LISPE focuses on developing intelligent systems for monitoring, analysis and

Artificial intelligence applications in the diagnosis of power transformer incipient faults
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serve as the basis of on-line DGA transformer monitors. Page 4. ii 53 Table 6-1 Power Transformer Oil Condition Assessment Tests ANNEPS: The combined Artificial Neural Network and ExPert System tool for power transformer incipient fault diagnosis COC: Combined Output

Development in the application of ICT in condition monitoring and maintenance
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later validated the on-line COMMAS using a laboratory set-up where a defect was created in the transformer and UHFoPD framework in Table 3 illustrates that the baseline technology is based on a multi-agent system for the condition monitoring of power transformers in the

Neuro Fuzzy System Based Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer
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ABSTRACT A power transformer is a static piece of apparatus with two or more windings. By electromagnetic induction, it transforms a system of alternating voltages and current into another system of alternating voltages and current of different values, of the same

conference list

1 AAAI: AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
2 IJCAI: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
3 ICAPS: International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
4 ICML: International Conference on Machine Learning
5 CSSAC: Cognitive Science Society Annual Conference
6 UAI: Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
7 ACL: Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
8 NAACL: Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the ACL
9 GP/GECCO: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
10 RULEML: International Web Rule Symposium
11 AID: Intl Conf on AI in Design
12 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI)
13 ANTS: International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
14 Computational Models of Argument (COMMA)