cryptography research papers 2012

 Key-Insulated Symmetric Key Cryptography and Mitigating Attacks against Cryptographic Cloud Software
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ABSTRACT Software-based attacks (eg, malware) pose a big threat to cryptographic
software because they can compromise the associated cryptographic keys in their entirety.
In this paper, we investigate key-insulated symmetric key cryptography, which can mitigate 

Multi-instance security and its application to password-based cryptography
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This paper develops a theory of multi-instance (mi) security and applies it to provide the first
proof-based support for the classical practice of salting in password-based cryptography. Mi-
security comes into play in settings (like password-based cryptography) where it is 

 Improved Side Channel Attacks on Pairing Based Cryptography
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J Blömer, P Günther, G Liske ,2012 ,
Abstract Techniques from pairing based cryptography (PBC) are used in an increasing
number of cryptographic schemes. With progress regarding efficient implementations,
pairings also become interesting for applications on smart cards. With these applications 

Constructive cryptography–a new paradigm for security definitions and proofs
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U Maurer ,Theory of Security and Applications, 2012 ,Springer
Constructive cryptography, an application of abstract cryptography proposed by Maurer and
Renner, is a new paradigm for defining the security of cryptographic schemes such as
symmetric encryption, message authentication codes, public-key encryption, key- 

Minimalism in Cryptography: The Even-Mansour Scheme Revisited
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O Dunkelman, N Keller, A Shamir ,Advances in Cryptology–EUROCRYPT , 2012 ,Springer
In this paper we consider the following fundamental problem: What is the simplest possible
construction of a block cipher which is provably secure in some formal sense? This problem
motivated Even and Mansour to develop their scheme in 1991, but its exact security 

 Barriers in Cryptography with Weak, Correlated and Leaky Sources
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Abstract There has been much recent progress in constructing cryptosystems that maintain
their security without requiring uniform randomness and perfect secrecy. These schemes are
motivated by a diverse set of problems such as providing resilience to side-channel 

Efficient java implementation of elliptic curve cryptography for J2ME-Enabled mobile devices
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The Micro Edition of the Java 2 platform (J2ME) provides an application environment
specifically designed to address the demands of embedded devices like cell phones, PDAs
or set-top boxes. Since the J2ME platform does not include a crypto package, developers 

 Data Hiding in Image using least significant bit with cryptography
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MV Tyagi ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract:-To increase the security of messages sent over the internet steganography is used.
This paper discussed a technique used on the LSB (least significant bit) and a new
encryption algorithm. By matching data to an image, there is less chance of an attacker 

 The Mathematics of Cryptography & Data Compression
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TJ Anderson, P Rose, G Glaes, M Parker ,2012 ,
Abstract This honors thesis focuses on Cryptography, Data Compression, and the link
between the two in modern applications. Beginning with the notion that a link could exist due
to the similar structure of the general methods, chapters individually explore the processes 

 Cluster Based Node Misbehaviour Detection, Isolation and Authentication Using ThresholdCryptography in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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R Murugan, A Shanmugam ,International Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
Abstract In mobile ad hoc networks, the misbehaving nodes can cause dysfunction in the
network resulting in damage of other nodes. In order to establish secure communication with
the group members of a network, use of a shared group key for confidentiality and 

 Fast elliptic curve cryptography using optimal double-base chains
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V Suppakitpaisarn, M Edahiro, H Imai ,Proc. of the 10th Australasian , 2012 ,
Abstract. In this work, we propose an algorithm to produce the doublebase chains that
optimize the time used for computing an elliptic curve cryptosystem. The double-base chains
is the representation that combining the binary and ternary representation. By this method, 

 Socio-rational secret sharing as a new direction in rational cryptography
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Abstract. Rational secret sharing was proposed by Halpern and Teague in [12]. The authors
show that, in a setting with rational players, secret sharing and multiparty computation are
only possible if the actual secret reconstruction round remains unknown to the players. All 

 Integration of DNA Cryptography
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A Saini, S Dhawan ,2012 ,
Abstract: The DNA cryptography is a new and promising direction in cryptography research.
DNA can be used in cryptography for the purpose of storing and transmitting the information,
as well as for computation. Due to the very high storage capacity of DNA, this field is 

 A Robust Three-Way Authentication System using Modified Random Grid based Reversible Style Visual Cryptography
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B Padhmavathi, PN Kumar , Journal of Computer , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The growing possibilities of modern communications require a special means of
confidential and intellectual property protection against unauthorized access and use.
Cryptography provides important tools for the protection of information and they are used 

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S Wiese ,2012 ,
Over the past few decades the field of cryptography has become an increasingly important
part of modern life. Tools that were once only employed by governments to protect state
secrets are now used to protect everything from personal financial data to email logins. In 

Cryptography with asynchronous logic automata
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We introduce the use of asynchronous logic automata (ALA) for cryptography. ALA aligns
the descriptions of hardware and software for portability, programmability, and scalability. An
implementation of the A5/1 stream cipher is provided as a design example in a concise 

Practical Lattice-Based Cryptography: A Signature Scheme for Embedded Systems
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Nearly all of the currently used and well-tested signature schemes (eg RSA or DSA) are
based either on the factoring assumption or the presumed intractability of the discrete
logarithm problem. Further algorithmic advances on these problems may lead to the 

Fast elliptic curve cryptography in OpenSSL
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E Käsper ,Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 2012 ,Springer
We present a 64-bit optimized implementation of the NIST and SECG-standardized elliptic
curve P-224. Our implementation is fully integrated into OpenSSL 1.0. 1: full TLS
handshakes using a 1024-bit RSA certificate and ephemeral Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman 

On optimal heuristic randomized semidecision procedures, with applications to proof complexity and cryptography
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EA Hirsch, D Itsykson, I Monakhov, A Smal ,Theory of Computing Systems, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract The existence of an optimal propositional proof system is a major open question in
proof complexity; many people conjecture that such systems do not exist. Krajícek and
Pudlák (J. Symbol. Logic 54 (3): 1063, 1989) show that this question is equivalent to the