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Device Control in an Ad-hoc Network Environment by using MoSync for Multiple Platform Mobile Application Development
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ABSTRACT These days mobile application development involves multiple OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Java Mobile and the Moblin platform and a wide range of device technologies. Developed mobile applications should be delivered a consistently 

Application of 3GPP LTE and IEEE 802.11 p Systems to Ship Ad-Hoc Network with the Existence of ISI
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ABSTRACT In order to provide high data rate and real time services under maritime environment, link-level performance of ship ad-hoc network (SANET) based on 3GPP LTE and IEEE 802.11 p (WAVE) specifications are investigated and discussed in this paper. 

An Overview of Mobile Ad hoc Network: Application, Challenges and Comparison of Routing Protocols
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ABSTRACT In the past few years, we have seen a rapid expansion in the field of mobile computing due to the proliferation of inexpensive, widely available wireless devices A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) consists of mobile wireless nodes in which the 

Application of Simulation Technology in Reliability Measure of Ad Hoc Network
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ABSTRACT Measuring the reliability of Ad Hoc network with the approach of mathematic modeling usually needs a lot of assumptions, which not only cannot consider all kinds of reliability stochastic effect factors comprehensively, but also the computation is hard to 

Framework for Collaborative Application in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
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ABSTRACT ,With increase usage of mobile devices, there is a need to connect them together in meaningful way. Specifically, there a demand of application that enables collaboration among these mobile devices and their users. The users have different need and different way to 

An Overview about Standards, Protocols, Architecture and Application of Mobile Ad-hoc Network
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Abstract In this paper, we set up the fundamentals overview of protocols, its architecture, its application and related requirements, its challenges and its solutions. Mobile Ad-hoc Network is vibrant and dynamic network occupied by mobile station. The stations are 

Ad hoc Network Security Solutions for Jini Technology Based Application
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Abstract. In this paper, we look into the concept of trust in ad hoc wireless networks, and the role of PKIs in creating trust. By allowing some simplifying assumptions, we propose a solution for creating temporary trust relationships without central authorities. Our low 

Application Sharing In Ad Hoc Network (ASIAN)
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ABSTRACT Establishing peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing for mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) requires the construction of a search algorithm for transmitting queries and search results as well as the development of a transfer protocol for downloading files matching a query. In 

Intelligent Mobile Agent Application based on DSRP in Mobile Ad hoc Network
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ABSTRACT The Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is gaining popularity especially for the applications where the installation of network infrastructure is not possible like military applications, disaster management and remote sensing. Although the MANET provides a 

Algorithm and Its Application on Mobile AD HOC Network Survey
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ABSTRACT Bio information and corresponding algorithms are providing the solutions for various large and complex data mining applications and network utilities. in this paper we review the various approaches and techniques that utilized in problem of search 

Application Based Detection Technique for Secure Mobile Ad-hoc Network
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ABSTRACT An ad-hoc network is often defined as an infrastructure less network, meaning a network without the usual routing infrastructure like fixed routers and routing backbones. Typically, the ad-hoc nodes are mobile and the underlying communication medium is 

802.11 KT MAC Protocol: A Small Delay and Low Cost Wireless Network Protocol for Ad-hocRobot Wireless Communication in Industrial Application
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ABSTRACT Wireless communication and wireless communication protocol play an important role in mobile robot system. Wireless protocol enables mobile robot system to address many real world industrial applications. 802.11 KT MAC protocol is a modified wireless network 

Efficient-net construction for an application to ad-hoc network
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ABSTRACT The interference minimization in wireless ad-hoc networks is formulated as assigning a suitable transmission radius to each of the given points in the plane, so as to minimize the maximum number of transmission ranges overlapping any point. By using 

Application of Artificial Immune System for Detection of Misbehaviour Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
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ABSTRACT The absence of a centralized management of a standardized infrastructure for mobile networks is important. Since this kind of networks are centrally managed, and also dynamic topology and have limited power, Thus providing a secure environment for 

An Object Model Supporting Ad-Hoc Application Partitioning In Heterogeneous NetworkEnvironments
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ABSTRACT Application partitioning is an important technique for providing optimized performance of complex, interactive applications in heterogeneous network environments with widely varying capacities of execution and transport resources. The basic idea is to 














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reliable file sharing in ad hoc networks

A special-purpose peer-to-peer file sharing system for mobile ad hoc networks
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Furthermore, ORION enables more reliable file transfers with lower overhead compared to the off A Distributed Search Service for Peer- to-Peer FileSharing in Mobile

2. What Is This Peer-to-Peer About
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EG Pub/Sub) Highly Adaptive DHTs Legacy Application Support in Overlays QoS Criteria (Consistency, Availability Security, Reliability, Reliable MessagingGenerally, these unstructured systems were developed in response to user demands (mainly filesharing and instant

When peer-to-peer comes face-to-face: Collaborative peer-to-peer computing in mobile ad-hoc networks
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These assumption include: reliable high- bandwidth network connection; universal support for TCPDP; powerful hostsmegabytes, we might want to exchange URLs that point to the files on aYet another version of the MP3 file-sharing scenario further emphasizes the need for

Co-operative downloading in vehicular ad-hoc wireless networks
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Nodes use TCP for reliable transfer of data and UDP for dissemination of gossip messages for contentSPAWN like all swarming protocols is motivated by the fact that for popular files, the content peers and t0 is the amount of time taken to download the whole file, if downloaded

VANETCODE: network coding to enhance cooperative downloading in vehicular ad-hoc networks
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General Terms Performance, Reliability, Theory Keywords Network Coding, VANET, Vehicular AdHocNetworks Peer-to-peer file-sharing over mobile adhoc networks. In Proc.A digital fountain approach to reliable distribution of bulk data.

First experience with cartorrent in a real vehicular ad hoc network testbed
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count. Upon sharing F, SendGossipThread sends gossips to optimally download files from one another. We run ex-and between peers and the AP and distribution of the per- is determined by whether the node is interested in the file piece goodput. gossiped by the other nodes.

Efficient peer-to-peer data dissemination in mobile ad-hoc networks
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assume in- stantaneous file transfer between mobile nodes, yet it brings both significant speed-up and reliability to filesharing and dissemination.Second, we present our protocol which enables efficient and reliable data dissemination in mobile ad-hocnetworks by applying

Mobile ad hoc networking: imperatives and challenges
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Export file.can exchange files and other information by connecting portable computers via wireless LANs while attending conferences; at home, users can synchronize data and transfer files between portablethe wireless medium is significantly less reliable than wired media;

Mobile ad hoc p2p file sharing
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It enables reliablefile transfers with lower overheadA special-purpose peer-to- peer filesharing system for clearly identified the main problems of TCP in MANET, identifying a reliable and robustsimple way, an effective com- munication service for applications such as file sharing and messaging for deliv- ering legacy Internet applications due to low service reliability, which depends

Trust and reputation model in peer-to-peer networks
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a large number of peers, which not only helps the peer get more reliable recommendations, but file providers' capability (in providing files) and the trust in the other peers' reliability in making peer-to-peer applications usually results in a long list of providers for an identical file.

CRAHNs: Cognitive radio ad hoc networks
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Export file.These functions need a reliable control channel for message exchanges, whose design approaches are described in Section 8. Next, we investigate how CRIf the noise power is uncertain, the energy detector will not be able to detect the signal reliably as the SNR is

Black hole attack in mobile ad hoc networks
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This solution provides a fast and reliable way to identify the suspicious reply.distributed when initialized, and the initial position for the node is specified in a movement scenario file created forIf no shared node is found, we will wait a specified amount of time (1 sec) to receive

A reputation-based trust management system for P2P networks
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a reputation-based trust management pmrocol fur P2P networks where users rate the reliability of partieshypocritical, who acts like a reliable peer most of the time hut occasionally tries to send aIt has been observed that the user behavior in P2P filesharing systems show a Zipf

A performance comparison of multi-hop wireless ad hoc network routing protocols
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of MP, the htemet MA~T Encapsdation Protocol [5], which is required to provide reliable, in-order rdl TORA objects must be delivered reliably and in order, without any duplication.Each run of the simtiator accepts as input a scemno file that describes the exact motion

Code torrent: content distribution using network coding in vanet
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of VANETs are driven mainly by navigation safety requirements (eg, VANET is used as reliable communication channelIf a node has multiple files to share, multiple descriptions are packed into theA distributed search service for peer to peer file sharing in mobile applications.

Pastry: Scalable, decentralized object location, and routing for large-scale peer-to-peer systems
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Pastry is completely decentralized, fault-resilient, scalable, and reliable.PAST, for instance, replicates files in this way to ensure high availability despite node failures.This is useful in applications such as PAST, because retrieving a file from a nearby node minimizes client

Routing in mobile ad-hoc and peer-to-peer networks a comparison
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transmission channel, and therefore a reliable data transmission is mandatory to reliably send out Reliability of connections high, due the wired links Low, due to the wireless Reliable routing not required, not implemented Exist Broadcast virtual broadcast, realized with multiple

A logic for uncertain probabilities
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(2015) Probabilistic Key Pre-Distribution for Heterogeneous Mobile AdHocNetworks Using Subjective Logic.(2015) Automatic evaluation of information provider reliability and expertise. (2013) Peer cluster: a maximum flow-based trust mechanism in P2P file sharing networks.

Trust based energy aware reliable reactive protocol in mobile ad hoc networks
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results shows that our approach decreases packet drops and improves reliability .The lifeof the network and each node is increased by choosing more reliable node as A Trust Management Model for P2P FileSharing System, International

BitTorrent File Sharing in Mobile ad hoc Networks
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Abstract This paper presents an application of the Group-based Service Discovery Protocol (GSD) to implement the BitTorrent file sharing protocol on dynamically variable mobile ad- hoc network (MANET) environments. We used a so called tracker lessextension of the Bit-

request paper privacy preserving and truthful detection of malicious packets dropping in wireless ad hoc networks

Detection of malicious packet dropping in wireless ad hoc networks based on privacy-preserving public auditing
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Abstract In a multi-hop wireless ad hoc network, packet losses are attributed to harsh channel conditions and intentional packet discard by malicious nodes. In this paper, while observing a sequence of packet losses, we are interested in determining whether losses