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rapid-control-prototyping-system-design-with-matlab-simulink-and-tms320f2812 dsp

reconfigurable-data-driven-multiprocessor-architecture-for-rapid-prototyping-of-high-throughput dspalgorithms

estimating-implementation-bounds-for-real-time dsp-application-specific-circuits

estimating-implementation-bounds-for-real-time dsp-application-specific-circuits-2




processor-desription-language-supporting-retargetable-multi-pipeline dsp-program-development-tools

truncated-multiplication-with-correction-constant-for dsp



synthesis-of-application-specific-instructions-for-embedded dsp-software

doherty-amplifier-with dsp-control-to-improve-performance-in-cdma-operation

array-recovery-and-high-level-transformations-for dsp-applications

design-methodology-of-a-low-energy-reconfigurable-single-chip dsp-system

multiphase-voltage-mode-hysteretic-controlled-vrm-with dsp-control-and-novel-current-sharing



scheduling-of dsp-programs-onto-multiprocessors-for-maximum-throughput

coherent-detection-method-using dsp-for-demodulation-of-signal-and-subsequent-equalization-of-propagation-impairments

coherent-detection-method-using dsp-for-demodulation-of-signal-and-subsequent-equalization-of-propagation-impairments-2

high-performance-programmable-ac-power-source-with-low-harmonic-distortion-using dsp-based-repetitive-control-technique

hardware-software-codesign-methodology-for dsp-applications

digital-power-factor-correction-pfc-control-strategy-optimized-for dsp

digital-power-factor-correction-pfc-control-strategy-optimized-for dsp-2

choosing-between-dsps-fpgas-ups-and-asics-to-implement digital-signal-processing

asynchronous-array-of-simple-processors-for dsp-applications


low-power dsp-for-wireless-communications




floating-point-exponential-functions-for dsp-enabled-fpgas

speed-control-of-bldc-motor-using dsp

implementation-of-fuel-cell-emulation-on dsp-and-dspace-controllers-in-the-design-of-power-electronic-converters




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Allocation of FPGA DSP-macros in multi-process high-level synthesis systems.
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Page 1. Allocation of FPGA DSP-Macros in Multi-Process High-Level Synthesis Systems Benjamin Carrion Schafer total design Area 7 Page 8. FPGAs DSP-macrosHigh-end FPGAs have large number of DSP-macros, but cannot be used for consumer products

32-Bit RISC and DSP System Design in an FPGA
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ABSTRACT: Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) cores use fewer instructions with simple constructs, and therefore they can be executed much faster within the CPU without having to use memory as often. When combined with a digital signal processor system (

Implementation of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter using MATLAB-DSP (ezDSP28335) Interfacing
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Abstract: This study demonstrates, the generation of triggering signals using SPWM technique for a seven level H-Bridge cascaded inverter with the help of MATLAB-DSP (ezDSP 28335) interfacing without using EPWM block and presents the final output of the

Modelling and Realisation of a Three-Level PWM Inverter Using a DSP Controller
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Abstract:To overcome the limitations in voltage and power conventional two-level inverters and in order to improve the spectrum of the output voltage, multilevel inverters are being widely used. In the first part of this paper, the structure and the model of this power inverter

Software Power Analysis for Embedded DSP Software
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Abstract:Power is a major design constraint for low power applications. Its consumption during the execution of the software program is an important issue in designing low power embedded devices. This so called software power can be reduced in many ways. By

Spectral Efficiency Improvement with Beating Interference Reduction by Iterative DSP in a Multiband DDO-OFDM Receiving System
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Abstract:For an efficient enhancement of the data capacity, multiband configuration has been widely applied in direct-detection optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DDO-OFDM) system recently. To improve the spectral efficiency, we propose a signal-

Advanced DSP Techniques Enabling High Spectral Efficiency and Flexible Transmissions
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Over the past decade, advances in optical hardware such as external modulators, narrow- linewidth lasers and 90 hybrids have enabled DSP algorithms from wireless/copper-wire communications [1] to be applied in coherent optical communication systems. Coherent

Digital Systems Design Based on DSP Algorithms in FPGA for Fault Identification in Rotary Machines
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Abstract-This paper deals with a top down design methodology to DSP algorithms based on FPGA. Additionally, DSP algorithms, such as FIR filters, fast Fourier transform (FFT), and the high-frequency resonance technique (HFRT), are implemented in the hardware

Research on the Force-Position Switching Control System of Wire Bonding Head on DSP
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DSP-based optical character recognition system using interval type-2 neural fuzzy system
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The aim of this paper is to solve optical character recognition (OCR) problem using the interval type-2 neural fuzzy system (IT2NFS) with stable learning mechanism and uncertainty bounds operations for computation speedup and implementation on digital

High Performance Adaptive Sigma Delta Modulator Design (using LMS Algorithm) for Performance Enhancement of DSP Processors and FPGA Synthesis of
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Abstract Enhancement of the performance and speed of the Digital Signal processing processors are the major challenge due to its wide spread real world applications. At the same time high quality (less erroneous) and high speed digital inputs are required for

A Matlab-based magnitude response game for DSP education
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ABSTRACT We present a Matlab-based game, teaching the interplay between the pole-zero chart of a linear filter and its magnitude response. The estimation error, which acts as a game score, is based on concepts undergraduate students learn during elementary signal

Real Time Image Haze Removal on Multi-core DSP
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Abstract The quality and visual effect of an image is high demanded in avionic embedded field. But the frog and haze is common in the nature environment, so foggy images gathered in bad weather need to be disposed to remove the haze. The single image haze removal

Design of Fast Floating Point Multiply Accumulate Unit using Ancient Mathematics for DSPApplications
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ABSTRACT Digital Signal processing became an application to create high speed data processing systems like 3D rendering, 4G mobile internet, etc., we need best processors with high performance data path units and there is a growing need for research on

Design and Implementation of Self-validating Pneumatic Actuator Hardware System Based onDSP and MCU.
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Abstract Self-validating (SEVA) pneumatic actuator is a new generation of actuator which can not only give the corresponding output according to the input control variable but also give the accuracy of the control output and status of the actuator itself and other

High speed micromouse servo controller based on DSP and FPGA.
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ABSTRACT Micromouse is an intelligent walking robot using embedded technology, depending on sensors for navigation, which consists of the ability to collect and gather information of the complex maze" after forward and backward searching without human

A DSP-based Robust Position Controller of a Single-sided Linear Induction Motor for Automatic Picking System.
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Abstract For application of a single-sided linear induction motor (LIM) to an automatic picking system (APS), this paper presents a DSP-based robust position controller design using an integral sliding mode control (SMC) scheme. To operate a movable ejector in the
Design and implementation of a novel technique for the detection of broken rotor bar of the induction motor is presented. At first, the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is performed on the windowed steady state stator currents and then discrete Hilbert transform is utilised to

Design and Implementation of Digital Communication Platform Based on FPGA/DSP
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Abstract. A method to design and implement digital communication platform was in introduced in this paper. The platform based on software radio method can change modulation method conveniently without the change of hardware system because it used

An OpenCL Runtime and Scheduler for Embedded Multicore DSP Parallel Systems
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Abstract We address the problem that multicore DSP system doesn't support OpenCL programming. We designed compiler and proposed a runtime framework for TI multicore DSP, by which OpenCL parallel program could take advantage of multicore computing

Model Based Design of Video Tracking Based on MATLAB/Simulink and DSP
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Abstract: The implementation of digital image processing on electronic boards is a current problem. In this study, we present a Model-Based Design of video tracking based on Matlab/Simulink and DSP. The implementation on DSP, of multi-objects detection and

Research on Applied Technology in Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
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Abstract: Based on the advance of computer and modern electronic technology, technology of digital signal processor (DSP) and DSP chips have mutual promotion. And the functions of DSP chips have been improved greatly and the fields in which they are applied have also

Research of 100Gbit/s DP-QPSK Based on DSP in WDM-PON System
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Abstract This paper introduces the DP-QPSK modulation coherent reception technology, the overall design and other key is sues for 100 Gbit/s DP-QPSK modulation. Using the technologies based on DSP, it realizes the long-range transmissions of 100 Gbit/s optical

Design and Implementation of a DSP based High-Performance DG Inverter
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Abstract: This paper presents a DSP based high-performance power flow control scheme for the distributed generation (DG) inverter. The design of control scheme is based on a detailed dynamic model of the 3-phase voltage sourced inverter. In the dynamic model,

Optimized Speech Compression Algorithm Based on Wavelets Techniques and its Real Time Implementation on DSP
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Abstract:This paper presents an optimized speech compression algorithm using discrete wavelet transform, and its real time implementation on fixed-point digital signal processor (DSP). The optimized speech compression algorithm presents the advantages to ensure

DSP Chip of Compressed Sensing Algorithm for Bio-Sensor Application
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Abstract To reduce the power consumption of bio-sensors which will be potentially implanted into human body, compressed sensing is introduced by taking advantage of the sparsity of bio-signals. Using 32nm CMOS technology, the prototype is able to achieve 10-

The Design of Digital Filter Based on DSP Builder
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The Research of Lift Control System in Four-Point Platform Based on DSP
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Design and Implementation of Signed, Rounded and Truncated Multipliers using Modified Booth Algorithm for Dsp Systems
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Abstract: Multipliers have a significant impact in the performance of the entire Dsp system. Many high-performance algorithms and architectures have been proposed to accelerate multiplication without increasing the hardware. In previous papers, the truncation error is

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Abstract Implementation of H8 and µ-controllers for real-time robust control of multivariable 4th order laboratory plant is presented. An 8th order discretetime H8–controller and a 16th order µ-controller are implemented with sampling frequency of 100 Hz by using Texas
For the design and modeling of chemical plants, process calculations are carried out during the whole process life cycle. Especially in the case of the synthesis, simulation, and optimization of separation processes, the phase equilibrium of the system to be separated

Force-Position Adjustment Design of Tractor Hitch System Based on DSP CCS
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Tractor Electro-Hydraulic Hitch System Design Based on DSP
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ABSTRACT Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF), which is an updated version of EKF, is proposed as a state estimator for speed sensorless field oriented control of induction motors. UKF state update computations, different from EKF, are derivative free and they do not

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The space vector PWM (SVPWM) algorithm is implemented using DSP controller to control the three-phase induction machines. SVPWM algorithm used in the experiment is simulated and the results are confirmed experimentally. Here, DSP processor computes the Voltage

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ABSTRACT The present paper deals with the speed estimation of the induction motor using observer with Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS). The first part of the paper includes the mathematical description of the observer for the speed estimation of the induction

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target DSP algorithms onto architectures using basic functional units such as adders or multipliers. In this paper, a scheme for the partitioning of the data flow graph of a DSP application for a high-level

Implementation of Reconciliation Protocol Based on DSP
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IPRAR: A DFG-Based Approach to Instruction Clustering for Multicluster VLIW DSP Processor with SIMD Structure
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Abstract Modern Very Long Instruction (VLIW) DSP can improve performance by using instruction-level parallelism (ILP) and obtain better parallelism through instruction clustering. The essence of clustering is resource allocation. Traditional clustering method assumes

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Abstract:Multiplier Accumulator Unit (MAC) is a part of Digital Signal Processors. The speed of MAC depends on the speed of multiplier. The proposed MAC unit reduces the area by reducing the number of multiplication and addition in the multiplier unit. Increase in the

The design of DSP/target tracking system.
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Abstract:-Debiased converted measurement Kalman filter based IMM (IMM-DCMKF) target tracking algorithm, which is combined with the interacting multiple model (IMM) and the debiased converted measurements

An Overview of Reconfigurable Hardware for Efficient Implementation of DSP Algorithms
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Abstract:-Reconfigurable hardware is emerging as the best option for the efficient implementation of complex and computationally expensive signal processing algorithms. Reconfigurable hardware exploits the benefit of high of computational efficiency of

Performance Evaluation of VLIW and Superscalar Processors on DSP and Multimedia Workloads
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Abstract: This paper aims at providing a quantitative evaluation of the performance of Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) and superscalar (SS) processors on DSP and multimedia applications. We evaluate the performance of the VLIW processor using Trimaran, an Abstract N-(2-chloroethyl)-N-ethyl-2-bromobenzylamine (DSP-4) is a noradrenergic neurotoxin which selectively damages noradrenergic projections originating from the locus coeruleus (LC) and transiently alters sympathetic neurons in the periphery. DSP-4

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ABSTRACT This paper presents the speed control of 4 phase 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor drive with PWM controller. The motor is fed from an Asymmetrical bridge converter, because of its fault tolerant capability and all the phases are independently excited. The

Filter Design Based on DSP Builder
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Abstract: Presents a method to realize FIR filter based on DSP Builder, FIR design using a relatively independent function of circuit module and subsystems in the design, it can easily realize the filtering function of FIR, simplified the design, modular design method greatly

Design of Coarse Grain Architecture for DSP Application
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Abstract:CGRAs consist of an array of a large number of function units (FUs) interconnected by a mesh style network. In stream-based applications, such as telecommunications, data encryptions, and signal processing are the workloads in many

Implementation of Efficient FIR Filter Structure for DSP Applications
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Abstract: Finite impulse response (FIR) Filters is used in many DSP Applications. Signal processing ranks among the most demanding applications of digital design concepts. It is a mature technology domain wherein the demands for enhanced performance and reduced

Design A DSP Operations Using Vedic Mathematics
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Abstract: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) operations are very important part of engineering as well as medical discipline. Designing of DSP operations have many approaches. For the designing of DSP operations, multiplication is play important role to perform signal

Intelligent Route Discovery through DSP Algorithm in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
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Abstract A vehicular ad hoc network is also known as a vehicular sensor network by which driving safety is enhanced through inter-vehicle communications or communications with base station. Vehicular ad-hoc network is different from all other form of ad hoc network

Digital Signal Processing on FPGAs
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Page 1. Digital Signal Processing on FPGAs Philipp Huebner1 Page 2. Introduction Digital Signal Processing 1965 Discrete Fourier Transform (Cooley and Tuckey) late 1970s Introduction of programmable DSP mid 1990s Multi-core DSPs ca.

Development of Digital Signal Processing Platform for Digital Hearing Aid
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ABSTRACT: There has been a tremendous growth for the past few years in the field of VLSI and real time signal processing. Number of signal processing algorithms have been developed which allow the user to process real time signals such as speech to

Digital Signal Processing for Coherent Optoelectronic Wavelength Conversion
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Abstract: Digital waveform conversion with digital compensation is studied for modulation format independent coherent optoelectronic wavelength conversion. Performances and implementation complexities are compared among three schemes of coherent

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ABSTRACT The Code Composer Studio (CCS) generates a program in the TI's software development environment. The CCS speeds and enhances the development for creating and testing real-time embedded signal processing applications. It provides tools for

Design and Implementation of Binary Signed Vedic Multiplier for Real Time Digital Signal Processing Applications
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Abstract:In any digital signal processors (DSP's) the speed of the multipliers plays a very important role. The precision of the multipliers also plays very important role along with its speed. For many high performance systems such as Digital Signal Processors,

Digital signal processing algorithms for linac low-level RF systems
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Abstract A set of LLRF systems had been designed for various applications of resonant RF devices such as accelerators or beam deflectors [1],[2]. This report presents compact signal detection algorithms, used in most of developed systems. Application-specific extension of

High-Electric-Field Initiated Resistance Surge for Analog and Digital Signal Processing in the ULSI
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Abstract:Analog and digital signal processing in nanoelectronic devicespresent in ultra- large scale integrated (ULSI) circuits is severely affected by the breakdown of Ohm's law

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Experiments using MATLAB
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This is Laboratory Manual of Digital Signal Processing. All experiments are performed on MATLAB, eg: List of Experiments 1 To represent basic signals like: Unit Impulse, Ramp, Unit Step, Exponential. 2 To generate discrete sine and cosine signals with given sampling

Digital signal processing techniques for multi-core fiber transmission using self-homodyne detection schemes
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ABSTRACT We discuss digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for self-homodyne detection (SHD), multi-core fiber (MCF) transmission links, and related technologies. We focus on exploiting the reduced phase noise of self-homodyne multicore fiber (SH-MCF)

Tasks for Digital Signal Processing with Solution
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1. The following continuous-time signal is sampled in the time interval of t = 0 = t < 40 *10^-3 sec and /s = 25000 Hz x(t) = sin(2p ×1000t) + 3cos(2p × 2000t) 5sin(2p ×625t) + 2cos(2p ×1625t) . Find the DFT of the resultant discrete-time signal and plot its magnitude versus

GNURadio as a general purpose digital signal processing environment
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A source is a processing block with 0 input (item vector is the unit information size of noutput items) I and Q interleaved output (two shorts): ishort GNURadio format ishort

Compendium of digital signal processing
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A signal is a description of how one parameter varies with another parameter. For instance, the acceleration of the Earth's surface recorded by a seismometer over time. A system is any process that produces an output signal in response to an input signal. This is illustrated by

Analysis on Digital Signal Processing and Algorithm Based on Coherent Light
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Some recent work on lattice structures for digital signal processing
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Abstract. This paper is concerned with a review of some recent work on derivation and synthesis of lattice structures for digital signal processing (DSP). In particular, synthesis of canonical structures for both finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (

Digital Signal Processing for Coherent Optical Fibre Communications
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The birth of optical fibre communications systems in the early 1970s produced an explosive growth in telecommunications with the introduction of low loss, high bandwidth silica fibres. Increases in line rates in these early systems were achieved simply by increasing the modulation

Parallel modular technologies in digital signal processing
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Abstract: The research objective is to increase the rate of performing the digital signal processing (DSP) operations. It is possible to achieve this objective due to the computing parallelism. The work shows, that for ensuring real-time signal processing the algebraic

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Abstract:In this paper a new very large scale integration (VLSI) algorithm for a 2N-length discrete Hartley transform (DHT) that can be efficiently implemented on a highly modular and parallel VLSI architecture having a regular structure is presented. The DHT algorithm

Educational platform for laboratory works in Digital Signal Processing
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Abstract Teaching digital signal processing often involves comparison between discrete and continuous linear time-invariant systems. Numerical data processing is usually demonstrated by simulation or hardware implementation of a particular algorithm. An

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