Accident Detection and Avoidance System in Vehicles

Accident Detection and Avoidance System in Vehicles

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ABSTRACT: To avoid collision we need to calculate distance between obstacle and vehicle and sending alert to user, for this purpose ultrasonic sensor is use. Propose system will be useful for monitoring accident victimslocation using Google map and GPS, as the Numbers of road accidents in India are in huge quantity. To prevent these problems, using advance wireless technology of GPS, it is possible to provide medical facility to accident victim within very less period of time to save accident victims life. To save patients life it is very prime to hold out hospital within very short time. After collecting SMS hospital can make ready their staff for proper and fast treatment of particular patient. Accident information is also provide to the near police station and near hospital.

The main concept behind the proposed system is to provide a smooth own for the accident victims to reach the hospitals in time. In the current situation itself, transportation of a patient to hospital in emergency conditions seems quite simple but in actual it is very difficult during peak hours. Moreover, the situation is gets worse when emergency vehicles have to wait for other vehicles to give way at intersections with traffic signals. In future it may get even worse. In this cause Recovery action need to be taken immediately.

Accident Detection and Avoidance System in Vehicles
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