OPAMP Operational Amplifier design

Title :Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier From Specification to Design

Suchitav Khadanga




Abstract: The goal of this report to describe the design of a CMOS operational amplifier, which is designed to meet certain given specifications. Based on a clear understanding of the specs, the circuit topology of the standard CMOS operational amplifier was chosen because it was believed that such a design could meet the specs and that the design of such an amplifier is fairly simple. Comparison is drawn between given specifications and result from computer simulations using hspice in the schematic level. Here we had taken 0.25um model from TSMC. The results are noted to be satisfactory.

Operational Amplifier is the most common building blocks of most of the electronics system may not need introduction. They are integral part of many analog and mixed signal systems. Opamps with vastly different level of complexity are used to realize functions ranging from dc bias generation to high gain amplification, filtering or ADCs. The design of opamp continues to pose a challenge as the supply voltage and transistor channel lengths scale down with each generation of CMOS technology.
Opamp consists of one or more differential stages and usually followed by additional gain stages depending upon the requirements. Here we discuss regarding the design of two-stage cmos opamp. The paper consists of understanding of specifications and circuit topology of opamp. Design procedures along with one example of opamp design using tsmc 0.25 um technology with single bias supply 2.5V is also given. Finally the simulation results of hspice simulator with comparison of specifications of opamp are given. We met all of the specifications of opamp!!!

Operational Amplifier
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