IOT based Bridge Monitoring System-2

IOT based Bridge Monitoring System

Prof.Ubale.G.S1, PranjalAdhav2 ,Pooja Gaikwad3 ,Sushama Nadavade4, Pooja Kale5.

Dept. of Computer Engg, Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic wagholi, Pune, India.

ABSTRACT: Bridge monitoring system is significant to health diagnosis of bridges and flyovers. This report is proposed and developed a novel architecture for large span bridge monitoring. A 3-level distributed structure is adopted in the monitoring system, which includes central server, intelligent acquisition node and local controller. Acquisition nodes are located across the bridge. One local controller manages all the acquisition nodes. Every acquisition node has 8 channels, which can sample displacement, line of site and vibration of bridge. To get high precision data, a 10 bits A/D converter. Compare to the traditional method, the proposed architecture has two features. First, the acquisition node is a smart device based on powerful controller. Signals of field sensors are analysed and real time compressed in the acquisition node. Only the processing results are sent to local controller through IEEE 802.11 wireless network. This operation can relieve load of central server. The intelligent monitoring system has run on a large span bridge. Running results show that the proposed system is stable and effective.

IOT based Bridge Monitoring System
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Dept. of Computer Engg, Bhivrabai Sawant Polytechnic wagholi,
Pune, India

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