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Evaluation of job-scheduling strategies for grid computing
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In this paper, we discuss typical scheduling structures that occur in computational grids. Scheduling algorithms and selection strategies applicable to these structures are introduced and classified. Simulations were used to evaluate these aspects considering

UNICORE: A Grid computing environment
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This paper describes the result of the UNICORE (BMBF grant 01 IR 703) project, the goals and the initial results of the follow-on project UNICORE Plus (BMBF grant 01 IR 001). It outlines the original goals of the German funded project to provide a seamless batch

ChinaGrid: Making grid computing a reality
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Grid computing presents a new trend to distributed computing and Internet applications, which can construct a virtual single image of heterogeneous resources, provide uniform application interface and integrate widespread computational resources into super,

Scheduling algorithms for grid computing: State of the art and open problems
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ABSTRACT Thanks to advances in wide-area network technologies and the low cost of computing resources, Grid computing came into being and is currently an active research area. One motivation of Grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed

Grid computing: The European data grid project
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ABSTRACT The goal of the European Data Grid Project is the development of a novel environment to support globally distributed scientific exploration involving multi-PetaByte datasets. The project will devise and develop middleware solutions and testbeds capable

Economic scheduling in grid computing
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Grid computing is a promising technology for future computing platforms. Here, the task of scheduling computing resources proves difficult as resources are geographically distributed and owned by individuals with different access and cost policies. This paper addresses

Scheduling in a grid computing environment using genetic algorithms
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ABSTRACT We investigate the possibility to use the computing GRID in a flexible way to permit the maximum usage of resources. In our simulation the jobs submitted by the users provide a characterization of themself to help the system scheduler to do an optimal scheduling in

The role of planning in grid computing
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Abstract Grid computing gives users access to widely distributed networks of computing resources to solve large-scale tasks such as scientific computation. These tasks are defined as standalone components that can be combined to process the data in various ways. We

Towards e-learning grids: Using grid computing in electronic learning
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ABSTRACT E-learning has been a topic of increasing interest in recent years, due mainly to the fact that increased scheduling flexibility as well as tool support can now be offered at a widely affordable level. As a result, many e-learning platforms and systems have been

Security implications of typical grid computing usage scenarios
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Grid Computing consists of a collection of heterogeneous computers and resources spread across multiple administrative domains with the intent of providing users uniform access to these resources. There are many ways to access the resources of a Grid, each with

Fuzzy trust integration for security enforcement in grid computing
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How to build the mutual trust among Grid resources sites is crucial to secure distributed Grid applications. We suggest enhancing the trust index of resource sites by upgrading their intrusion defense capabilities and checking the success rate of jobs running on the

Alchemi: A .NET-based enterprise grid computing system
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ABSTRACT Computational grids that couple geographically distributed resources are becoming the de-facto computing platform for solving large-scale problems in science, engineering, and commerce. Software to enable grid computing has been primarily written

Triana applications within grid computing and peer to peer environments
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An overview of the Triana Problem Solving Environment is provided–with a particular focus on the GAP application-level interface, for integration with Grid Computing and Peer-to-Peer infrastructure. GAP is a Java-based subset of the Grid Application Toolkit interface (being

Adaptive negotiation for agent-based grid computing
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The Grid concept has recently emerged as a vision for future network based computing, by enabling seamless integration of computing systems and clusters, data storage, specialized networks and sophisticated analysis and visualization software.

Trusted grid computing with security binding and trust integration
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Trusted Grid computing demands robust resource allocation with security assurance at all resource sites. Large-scale Grid applications are being hindered by lack of security assurance from remote resource sites. We developed a security-binding scheme

Virtual screening using grid computing: the screensaver project
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• The intellectual property for the Cancer Project in terms of predicted structures is owned by the University of Oxford, who have assigned it to the spin-out company Inhibox Ltd. The equity, which would under normal procedures be granted to WGR, has been given to the

Introduction to grid computing with Globus
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This IBM Redbook is intended to give readers interested in the technical aspects of grid computing a hands-on introduction using the Globus Toolkit. This will include a discussion of the first basics of grid computing, applications to be run on the grid, and various grid

A gentle introduction to grid computing and technologies
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Grid is an infrastructure that involves the integrated and collaborative use of computers, networks, databases and scientific instruments owned and managed by multiple organizations. Grid applications often involve large amounts of data and/or computing

Workflow scheduling algorithms for grid computing
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Workflow scheduling is one of the key issues in the management of workflow execution. Scheduling is a process that maps and manages execution of inter-dependent tasks on distributed resources. It introduces allocating suitable resources to workflow tasks so that

SensorGrid: Integrating sensor networks and grid computing
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Recent advances in electronic circuit miniaturization and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) have led to the creation of small sensor nodes which integrate several kinds of sensors, a central processing unit (CPU), memory and a wireless transceiver. A collection

A multi-agent infrastructure and a service level agreement negotiation protocol for robust scheduling in grid computing
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In this paper we propose a new infrastructure for efficient job scheduling on the Grid using multi-agent systems and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) negotiation protocol based on the Contract Net Protocol. The agent-based Grid scheduling system involves user agents,

Gridkit: Pluggable overlay networks for grid computing
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second generation approach to the provision of Grid middleware is now emerging which is built on service-oriented architecture and web services standards and technologies. However, advanced Grid applications have significant demands that are not addressed by

Introduction to grid computing
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In the past several years, grid computing has emerged as a way to harness and take advantage of computing resources across geographies and organizations. In this IBM Redbook, we describe a generalized view of grid computing including concepts,

Genetic algorithm based schedulers for grid computing systems
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ABSTRACT. In this paper we present Genetic Algorithms (GAs) based schedulers for efficiently allocating jobs to resources in a Grid system. Scheduling is a key problem in emergent computational systems, such as Grid and P2P, in order to benefit from the large computing

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